• Leave It to Him

    Devotionals | April 24, 2017

    God calls us to leave it all to Him, to entrust ourselves and our circumstances to Him. Some days, this is easy to do; at other times, it is easier said than done. Regardless of what our circumstances look like, or the extent of our limitations, God is more than sufficient for the challenges we face. This is true, whether we feel it or not. The Creator God who sustains the universe and redeems His people is the object of our faith. Our trust is not in our own abilities, it is in Him. Where do you need to hear this today?

  • Dependent

    Devotionals | April 21, 2017

    The lifelong journey of leading like Jesus is lived in daily dependence on God. For this reason, Lead Like Jesus emphasizes practicing daily habits that sustain our relationship with God. Growing confidence and competence as leaders can cause us to drift into edging God out, mistakenly thinking that we can handle life on our own. Jesus’ example reminds us to cultivate our relationship with God daily, so that our perspective remains one of exalting God only by depending on Him wholly.

  • Radiate His Love

    Devotionals | April 19, 2017

    Who will you encounter today? Will your sphere of influence consist of family and friends, or perhaps brothers and sisters in Christ? Will you interact with the wider community in which you live, co-workers, community members, even strangers? We never know exactly whose paths we will cross, nor the difference our words and actions may make in someone else’s life. Let God use you, wherever He places you today, to reflect the love and life of Jesus.

  • The First Day

    Devotionals | April 16, 2017

    That Monday after Jesus’ resurrection was the first time the disciples awoke with a fresh understanding of who Jesus was and who they were in relationship with the Risen Lord. Their relationship with Him had been catapulted to a new level. What it all meant, they weren’t quite sure, but they knew life was not—nor could it ever be—the same. From this realization and empowered by the Holy Spirit, they became the leaders of the early church. Leaders today need the same realization and the same Spirit to lead in Jesus’ name.

  • We Have Seen the Lord!

    Devotionals | April 16, 2017

    “I have seen the Lord!” Mary’s words seemed impossible to believe. Stunned, Peter and John ran to the tomb. Stunned, they returned. From the depths of denial and despair, to the shock of His body’s disappearance, what could it all mean? That evening brought answers—and joy! Jesus’ appearance among them confirmed His resurrection, and transformed their vision of Jesus. It reshaped their understanding of life itself, and became the focus of their message. Let Jesus’ resurrection reshape your life like it did theirs.

  • Silence

    Devotionals | April 16, 2017

    Jesus’ family and disciples lived this day in mourning, while the religious leaders were glad, certain that the troublesome rabbi from Galilee was finally silenced. They could get on with their plans, so they thought. They were wrong. The religious leaders may have rejoiced for a short term, but Jesus had already told the disciples that their grief would turn to joy. Uncomprehending, they did not understand what He was referring to. But Jesus knew that God had one last word, and that word would set the world on fire.

  • Jesus Our Passover Lamb

    Devotionals | April 14, 2017

    The Passover Feast celebrates the Lord’s deliverance of His people from slavery in Egypt. From a life of slavery to harsh taskmasters, God redeemed His people, and brought them into a life-giving, love-based relationship with Him. This is the “Good” in Good Friday; with Jesus as our Passover lamb, we are redeemed from the bondage of sin, as recipients of God’s great love. We have found life anew, and now live and lead out of the wellspring of who God is and what He has done in our lives.

  • Servants and Friends

    Devotionals | April 13, 2017

    Before going to the cross, Jesus had one last time with His closest disciples, the men with whom He had shared three years of ministry. He had longed for this time with them. As He prepared them for the cross (what He knew they could not and would not understand until afterward), He loved them, served them, and called them both servants and friends. He longs for time with us, as well, for time to simply be together with Him, to let Him serve us at our point of need, and to let Him prepare our hearts for the work that God is about to do.

  • The Father’s Will

    Devotionals | April 12, 2017

    Can you hear Jesus pray as He processes aloud with His Father one last time before the cross? Jesus is intent on making sure that they are agreed in the path He is about to walk, confirming that He has heard the Father clearly. He voluntarily chooses to do what God wants, and only what God wants. Can the same be said of us?

  • Steadfast

    Devotionals | April 11, 2017

    Jesus continued to minister throughout the week leading up to the cross. His words and actions during the week reflect peace of mind and heart, and display an unwavering focus on the people and task at hand. He wasn’t distracted by what was to come, but stayed fully present in the moment. He didn’t pull away for the week to regroup and prepare Himself for the cross; His whole life had been lived in light of the cross.

    You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. —Isaiah 26:3