• Follow the Light

    Devotionals | June 26, 2017

    Our eyes are drawn to light. Light in all its forms—a pinprick of light that illuminates a dark room, moving light, changing light—draws our attention. Jesus said that He is the light of the world. Are our eyes as tuned to spiritual light as they are to physical light? Do we strain to catch a glimpse of Jesus, the Light of the world, whose presence stands out like life-giving light in a dark world? Look for Him to go before you today, and follow where He leads.

  • Hearts Overflowing

    Devotionals | June 23, 2017

    Daniel’s life shows the power of a heart transformed by faith in God. A transformed heart is a grateful heart. A heart filled with gratitude overflows in praise to the Giver of Life. It perceives the world (and the people in it) differently. It is strengthened in faith, and grows in confidence that God will continue to show Himself strong on our behalf. What has God done in your life? How do you see the world differently because of who He is?

  • Timeless Words

    Devotionals | June 21, 2017

    The Lord’s words to Jeremiah have a timeless quality. They speak of people who choose to trust in their own strength and philosophy, instead of drawing from the life God offers. In a word, they speak of pride. Note that these words are spoken about God’s people. We are not immune to pride, rebellion, and replacing God as the center of our lives. God is the only source of life that endures. What fuels your leadership?

  • Intentionality

    Devotionals | June 19, 2017

    What shapes you as a leader? Paul tells us to focus on what honors and exalts God in life. Jesus said that our hearts are revealed in what we do and say. The writer of Proverbs says that our hearts are the wellspring of our lives. How do we tend and care for our hearts? How do we allow God to transform our hearts? Such an essential issue shouldn’t be left to chance. Be intentional about practicing life-giving, heart-transforming habits to shape your heart, head, hands, and leadership habits

  • Shaken

    Devotionals | June 16, 2017

    Sometimes circumstances come at us so unexpectedly or with such force that we are tempted to doubt God’s sovereignty and care. The disciples experienced this when Jesus was arrested and crucified. They couldn’t imagine how these events were part of God’s plan. Their limited perspective burst wide open on Sunday when they encountered the risen Jesus. Where is your human perspective limiting your ability to trust that God is at work in your life? Look up, renew your trust in God, and lead others to do the same.

    Then all his disciples deserted him and ran away. —Mark 14:50

  • Treasured Friends

    Devotionals | June 14, 2017

    Jesus frequently spent time with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, treasuring their friendship even more as the pressure mounted and the cross drew near. He spent His last Passover privately with His disciples, sharing a meal with them, and praying for them, before withdrawing with His inner circle to pray for Himself. After the cross, it was to His close friends that He first revealed Himself. Who are the friends who support you on the journey of living, loving, and leading like Jesus?

  • The Work of Humility

    Devotionals | June 12, 2017

    Humility fuels God-honoring service. It transforms hearts, heads, hands, and hearts. In our hearts, we acknowledge God as the source and giver of our abilities, strength, and success. Doing so unleashes His ability to transform us from the inside out. Humble hearts lead to humble, teachable minds. The ongoing work of God within us begins to reflect itself in how we live our lives and treat others. Increasingly, we find ourselves pouring out our lives to serve people in Jesus’ name.

  • Essential Alignment

    Devotionals | June 09, 2017

    We can talk about leading like Jesus all day, but unless our words and actions match, we are deceiving ourselves and misleading others. To lead like Jesus, our words must align with our actions. While our motivation and perspective are shaped internally, the state of our hearts and minds is revealed in how we treat others. John’s gospel closes with words that point to the overwhelming activity of God poured out through Jesus. Jesus didn’t just talk about being a servant, He devoted His whole life to living as God’s servant. What about you?

  • Role vs. Position

    Devotionals | June 07, 2017

    Jesus did not spend a lot of time pointing people to His position as a leader. He spent time investing in other people’s lives. He didn’t feel compelled to point to His authority as God’s anointed one, or shout out His identify as God incarnate. He simply used His inherent authority to serve others in God’s name. If we find ourselves routinely pointing to our position and authority as leaders, we may need to rethink our leadership perspective and agenda. Are we leading like Jesus, or leading like worldly rulers?

  • Waiting on the Spirit

    Devotionals | June 05, 2017

    Jesus isn’t interested in our rushing out in our own power to do things for Him. What He wants is for our words and actions to be in line with what God is doing in the world. Just as Jesus directed His first disciples to wait on the Spirit, He directs us today to wait on the Lord, to seek His direction, to only move forward in the power of the Spirit. Where do you need to seek the Spirit’s power?