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    If you want to become a better leader and not just learn better leadership tactics, than this podcast is for you!

    Every week you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most credible, seasoned and authentic leaders and find answers to questions like:

    • I want to lead with integrity, but how do I actually do that?
    • How can I effectively grow others by tapping into their gifts and talents? 
    • Jesus was a wonderful man, but can He really teach me how to be an effective leader?
    • How do I sustain effectiveness and success over a long period of time?

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  • Ignite Online

    This six-session leadership development course for teens, delivered online, focuses on character and integrity, helping young men and women to become powerful and positive influencers of those around them. Available through UDEMY online platform.

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    Why are there so few good leaders? Perhaps because the world's focus has been on skills and tactics rather than transforming leaders themselves. Download this free ebook to learn 6 simple lessons from the greatest leader of all time.

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    The Heart of a Great Leader free ebook is a sampling of our 4-week leadership development guide, designed to help you discover the power of love-infused leadership. Filled with great insights and practical steps. Download your free ebook today.

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Back to the Basics

  As we round the corner from summer into fall, vacations are behind us and school is back in session. It’s time to get back to the basics. My father, who spent most of his life working bi-vocationally – as a supervisor in construction projects and also pastoring – was a master at reminding me of what was most important. One of the...


Bob Pike: Trainer in the Congo

He’s believed in the heart behind Lead Like Jesus since its conception, and in June, Bob Pike risked a yellow fever vaccination to take that heart overseas. Bob laughs that his wife wasn’t always the biggest fan of a trip to the Congo for someone his age. “But I knew this was what the Lord wanted me to do.” Leading like Jesus before LLJ...


Reflecting Reality

John’s gospel, like his letters, reflect a lifetime of knowing and serving Jesus. It is only in John’s gospel that we have the story of Jesus’ washing the disciples’ feet and Jesus’ prayer as He prepared for the cross. The depth of John’s insight and simplicity of his writing show that he has internalized the message of living, loving, and leading...



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  • Impact Story:

    Boris Joaquin: Taking Jesus to the Corporate World

    Looking back, Boris Joaquin (National Representative, Philippines) recalls laughing at the idea of bringing Lead Like Jesus into the corporate world. Though he had experienced great success presenting to churches and other ministries, he wondered how it would be received on the secular stage. 

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  • Impact Story:

    Olusola Paul: A fire rekindled through Ignite

    In May, Olusola Paul (Ila-Orogun, Nigeria) attended a Lead Like Jesus Ignite conference. Ignite is a leadership development course for teens that focuses on character and integrity, helping young men and women to become powerful and positive influencers of those around them by following the model of Jesus.

    “It really had an indelible impact on me,” he says.

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  • Impact Story:

    Jamie Layne: Leadership Makeover for California Salon

    With two salons in southern California and 19 employees whom she calls her “girls,” Jamie Layne says that attending a San Diego Lead Like Jesus Encounter was incredibly timely as she was dealing with challenging staff issues.

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  • Impact Story:

    Otis McAllister: Grace for a murderer

    His foot was on the gas pedal, but God told him to stop. Returning to his hometown presented Otis McAllister with an unthinkable meeting: standing face-to-face with the man who had murdered his brother fourteen years prior. “The last time he had seen me, I vowed to kill him.” 


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  • Impact Story:

    Steve Cartin: Leadership Word-of-Mouth

    Steve Cartin knows more about dentistry than most pastors.

    A dental practice management consultant, Steve is sought after by dentists for advice on leadership, among other things. And as a faithful follower of the greatest Leader, he has sure wisdom to share.

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  • Dibeta Uganda

    Impact Story:

    The ripple effect: Dibeta Oyera

    A single mother, Dibeta has always been passionate about her ministry with widows and orphans. She is a farmer and has been a widow for a quarter of a century. But first and foremost, she identifies herself as a servant of God. Learning to follow the leadership model of Jesus has advanced her ministry — and her personal faith — significantly.

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  • Kainga

    Impact Story:

    A Promise Made in Prison

    A Kenyan police officer found himself on the wrong side of prison bars in 2010, arrested for a murder he didn’t commit three years prior. But instead of turning toward bitterness, Kainga used some of the most difficult years of his life to do the unthinkable – learning how to lead like Jesus.

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  • Impact Story:

    Jesus Goes to Jail

    Dick Kunnert and Ruth Fairchild make an impact in the lives of inmates at Winnebago Country Jail through their partnership with Lead Like Jesus

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