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Equipping & empowering people globally to lead like Jesus

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    Journeys with the Messiah


    Just in time for Christmas, award-winning photographer Michael Belk will gift 50% of the proceeds from his acclaimed fine arts collection toward Lead Like Jesus ministry.

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    Joy in Cairo


    Egyptian pastors often carry a heavy burden on their shoulders. But for two days in September, 125 ministers found joy during a special Encounter in Cairo.

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    Igniting Influence


    12-lesson Character and Leadership Development series that will empower millennials and emerging leaders to lead Like Jesus.

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    Become a Certified Trainer


    Expand your influence as teacher, trainer or executive coach by becoming a certified Lead Like Jesus leadership development facilitator.

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    New! Lead Like Jesus Podcast


    Now available through iTunes, the Lead Like Jesus podcast features timely and practical leadership teaching from some of today’s most authentic and respected Christian leaders.

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Increase Your Influence

At Lead Like Jesus, we help individuals, businesses, schools, churches and organizations extend and maximize their influence by showing them how to lead like Jesus. When people lead like Jesus, they are empowered to be visionaries, team builders, mentors, shepherds, servants and change agents. Through Jesus, your life and your leadership will be transformed.

  • Leadership Podcast is LIVE!

    If you want to become a better leader and not just learn better leadership tactics, than this podcast is for you!

    Every week you'll have the opportunity to learn from some of the most credible, seasoned and authentic leaders and find answers to questions like:

    • I want to lead with integrity, but how do I actually do that?
    • How can I effectively grow others by tapping into their gifts and talents? 
    • Jesus was a wonderful man, but can He really teach me how to be an effective leader?
    • How do I sustain effectiveness and success over a long period of time?

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  • Ignite Online

    This six-session leadership development course for teens, delivered online, focuses on character and integrity, helping young men and women to become powerful and positive influencers of those around them. Available through UDEMY online platform.

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  • Free Ebook

    Why are there so few good leaders? Perhaps because the world's focus has been on skills and tactics rather than transforming leaders themselves. Download this free ebook to learn 6 simple lessons from the greatest leader of all time.

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  • Free Ebook

    The Heart of a Great Leader free ebook is a sampling of our 4-week leadership development guide, designed to help you discover the power of love-infused leadership. Filled with great insights and practical steps. Download your free ebook today.

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You can’t Photoshop gratitude: 4 ways to exude thankfulness

On November 2, 2015, Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron found himself the latest victim in the merciless world of memes. It all started when an observant Twitter user noticed something awkward about the oversized red poppy on Cameron’s Facebook profile picture. It’s not that having a flower pinned to his lapel was abnormal – poppies are...


"The Heart of a Leader” designed for organizations seeking cultural change

Lead Like Jesus announces the upcoming winter release of “The Heart of a Leader” half-day workshop, for organizations that desire to build a culture based on trust, infused with a purpose larger than the bottom line. The 4-hour workshop will not only focus on the WHY of building such a culture, but will be filled with practical steps on WHAT needs...


Displacing Greed with Gratitude

Living with an eternal perspective changes us. From being self-absorbed people, preoccupied with power, possessions and prestige, we learn to rest in who God is and what He has done for us. Instead of living for the next great thing, we begin to trust God for provision for our needs. Remember Jesus’ prayer for daily bread? It is that simple....


David and Debbie Alexander: Courage to Say Yes

Obeying God’s call, empty-nesters David (former President/CEO, Family Dollar Stores; current CEO, TruGreen) and Debbie Alexander said YES to adopting six boys from war-torn Liberia. In this podcast, they share lessons they've learned and how this act of obedience has impacted their community and other orphans in Liberia.  Additional...

Upcoming Events

Leadership Encounter|Spartanburg, SC

January 8, 2016 8:30am

Event Date:
Leadership Encounter Only
Friday January 8th, 2016 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday January 9th, 2016 8:30AM-11:30AM
For hotel information, go to:  (the hotel options are on the top of the page)
About the Event:
Join us for a transformational experience during Encounter, with Lead Like Jesus Master Facilitator's Phyllis Hendry and Rich Meiss. The Encounter is a leadership development workshop based on the life and teachings of the greatest leader of all time, Jesus. While other programs focus on management tactics and habitual change our model focuses on the most important part of leadership: YOU. 
*Includes Leadership Encounter Participant Materials, plus meals and snacks, and free-flowing coffee, tea and water. 

Leadership Encounter plus Facilitator Certification Training|Spartanburg, SC

January 8, 2016 8:30am

Event Date:
Friday January 8th, 2016 8:30AM-5:00PM
Saturday January 9th, 2016 8:30AM-11:30AM
Leadership Development Facilitator Certification:
Saturday January 9th, 2016 12:30PM-5:30PM
For hotel information click on: (the information is at the top of the page)
Event Details:
There is a leadership crisis in our world today! Lead Like Jesus says that leadership happens anytime you influence the thinking, behavior or development of another person. So if you are a CEO or a mom, a teacher or a Cub Scout leader, a pastor or a nurse, YOU are a leader who can change your world! Since you lead, you will want to lead in the right way. Jesus of Nazareth is the greatest leadership role model of all time. 
Lead Like Jesus imagines a world in which leaders serve rather than rule, a world in which they give rather than take. We imagine leaders who seek to produce results from service and sacrifice rather than from power and position. This only happens as leaders adopt Jesus as their leadership role model and grow in His likeness. 
If you dream of a world like this, then join the Lead Like Jesus team for our Leadership Encounter Facilitator Training session where you will learn to facilitate our 8-12 hour Leadership Encounter workshop. 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • To personally experience the power of the Leadership Encounter and its accompanying online e-Lessons. 

  • To be equipped to facilitate the Leadership Encounter. 

  • To learn how to apply the powerful and practical leadership principles of Jesus to real life challenges. 

  • To explore your own personal leadership motivation, thinking, behavior and habits in light of the mandate to Lead Like Jesus. 

  • To find an effective and practical way to live your faith at work, at home, and in all your relationships. 

  • To create a positive leadership legacy for those who will follow in your footsteps. 

  • To be challenged to develop a personal next step and long-range plan to integrate Lead Like Jesus into all elements of your leadership activity. 

Here is what you will receive: 

  • All the resources you need to facilitate a Leadership Encounter. 

  • A new appreciation for Jesus as the perfect role model of leadership. 

  • Insight into the common struggles and strategies of leaders trying to walk their faith at home, work, church, and in their community. 

  • Direction on the path of discovering and refining your view of leadership. 

  • Meaningful experience with five of the ways that Jesus stayed focused and on purpose with His leadership assignment from the Father. 

  • A feeling of support from a faith-based community. 

  • A recommitment to a better way to lead with Jesus as your model and the Holy Spirit as your teacher. 

  • Tools to assess your current leadership motivations and behaviors, and a method for re-aligning them daily in the way that Jesus would want. 

Training will include everything you need to facilitate a Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter: 

  • Lead Like Jesus Leader’s Kit – 

  • Facilitator’s Guide 

  • Training DVD (All PowerPoint slides and videos needed for the Leadership Encounter) 

  • Sample Participant Workbook 

  • A copy of the book: Lead Like Jesus: Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of all Time 

Certification Training will focus on: 

  • Basic Facilitation Skills 

  • Tips and Techniques for Facilitating the Leadership Encounter 

  • Teach-Backs: Each trainee will facilitate an activity and receive feedback and encouragement from the Master Trainer and other training participants 

Training Format: 

  • Leadership Encounter Workshop – An 8-12 Hour Learning Experience. You will participate in the Leadership Encounter just as you will facilitate it. 

  • Certification Training – Five hours of instruction on Basic Facilitation Skills, Tips and Techniques for Facilitating the Leadership Encounter, Teach-Backs and Next Steps for Facilitators. 




Books, downloads, media and
more to support your
leadership growth.



Leadership Encounters and other
LLJ events, coming to a
city near you.



Scripturally grounded guidance for navigating today's leadership challenges.

A free tool to keep you connected with Lead Like Jesus wherever you go.
  • Impact Story:

    Higher learning: Joan Elango

    Principal Joan Elango was at the helm of what many would consider a tough learning environment. Her school, in the heart of the city of Chennai, was occupied by students from low-income homes and taught by teachers who struggled to find ways to reach them effectively. Joan had high hopes when she offered an LLJ Encounter, but even she was amazed at the resulting transformation.

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  • Impact Story:

    A Mother’s Promise: Susanne and Alex Rodriguez

    As her car tumbled down the side of a mountain, Susanne Rodriguez made God a promise. “I will raise a child to love and serve you, if you’ll only let me live.” Today, she and her son, Alex, are pointing others to Jesus as LLJ facilitators through their extraordinary ministries.

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  • Impact Story:

    Boris Joaquin: Taking Jesus to the Corporate World

    Looking back, Boris Joaquin (National Representative, Philippines) recalls laughing at the idea of bringing Lead Like Jesus into the corporate world. Though he had experienced great success presenting to churches and other ministries, he wondered how it would be received on the secular stage. 

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  • Impact Story:

    Olusola Paul: A fire rekindled through Ignite

    In May, Olusola Paul (Ila-Orogun, Nigeria) attended a Lead Like Jesus Ignite conference. Ignite is a leadership development course for teens that focuses on character and integrity, helping young men and women to become powerful and positive influencers of those around them by following the model of Jesus.

    “It really had an indelible impact on me,” he says.

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  • Impact Story:

    Jamie Layne: Leadership Makeover for California Salon

    With two salons in southern California and 19 employees whom she calls her “girls,” Jamie Layne says that attending a San Diego Lead Like Jesus Encounter was incredibly timely as she was dealing with challenging staff issues.

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  • Impact Story:

    Otis McAllister: Grace for a murderer

    His foot was on the gas pedal, but God told him to stop. Returning to his hometown presented Otis McAllister with an unthinkable meeting: standing face-to-face with the man who had murdered his brother fourteen years prior. “The last time he had seen me, I vowed to kill him.” 


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  • Impact Story:

    Steve Cartin: Leadership Word-of-Mouth

    Steve Cartin knows more about dentistry than most pastors.

    A dental practice management consultant, Steve is sought after by dentists for advice on leadership, among other things. And as a faithful follower of the greatest Leader, he has sure wisdom to share.

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  • Dibeta Uganda

    Impact Story:

    The ripple effect: Dibeta Oyera

    A single mother, Dibeta has always been passionate about her ministry with widows and orphans. She is a farmer and has been a widow for a quarter of a century. But first and foremost, she identifies herself as a servant of God. Learning to follow the leadership model of Jesus has advanced her ministry — and her personal faith — significantly.

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Devotions, ministry updates, discounts and more!


Devotionals, ministry updates, discounts and more!