Articles | July 2016

  • The Two Most Important Questions Every Leader Must Answer

    Blog | Karen McGuire | July 19, 2016

    From the time we are born until we die (I suppose), we all seem to have a lot of questions. As a little child, we want to know “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do fish swim underwater?” “Why do you do that?” and more!!

    As a youth, we want to know “Why can’t I stay out as late as my friends?” “Why can’t I watch that on TV or at the movies?” “Why do I have to clean my room? No one ever goes in my room.” And again, more!!

  • Encouraging One Another

    Devotionals | July 18, 2016

    Encouragement is a universal need. Each person that comes across your path today needs encouragement in some area of their life. They may be struggling with core issues like identity and purpose, or feeling inadequate in some area of life. They may be experiencing difficulties in a relationship, or in fulfilling a task. Sometimes these issues show themselves in discouragement, or depression. Sometimes they show up in inattentiveness, or argumentative words. Be alert today. Ask the Lord to encourage you, and then use you to encourage others.

  • Andy Savage is the Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church, Memphis, TN, and today he addresses the subject of marriage, family, and how to maintain healthy priorities as a successful leader. 

    Andy says that sometimes in the midst of success, the family gets neglected, and if our achievements cause our family to get lost in the process, we have ultimately failed.

    This two-podcast series is a must for every leader!

  • The Test of Prosperity

    Devotionals | July 15, 2016

    Like our response to adversity, our response to prosperity reveals our hearts. What kind of prosperity do we long for? Do we long for more of God Himself? Do we want a better relationship with Him for ourselves and for others? Do we long to see His love, grace, mercy, justice, and faithfulness characterize the world? Do we work for that in our spheres of influence? How can you steward your energy and resources today to help others prosper in these ways? God has placed us where we are and prospered us for His purposes. Let us serve Him with grateful hearts.

  • Being an agent for good isn’t difficult. Every human on this planet has the ability to do good to his or her fellow human. A smile. A warm meal. A kind word. Many, many people contribute to the well-being of their neighbors each day through large and small selfless acts of kindness. By their good works they influence others.

    Leadership is influencing others.

    If what you do, say, or how you live influences others… you’re leading. You are a leader.

  • The Test of Adversity

    Devotionals | July 12, 2016

    Adversity comes into our lives in many ways, and it comes to all of us. Our response to adversity matters, because it reveals the condition of our hearts. When we are at the mercy of forces beyond our control, where do we turn? Do we run, and if so, do we run to God? Do we stand, and if so, do we stand in His strength? Are we changed, and if so, are we changed into Jesus’ likeness?

  • It was the early 1960s, and schools in Florida had not yet integrated. My wife and her friends would gather in the morning to walk a mile to the school bus stop. Minnie, her mother, would occasionally send them off saying, “walk with a purpose.” This was more than a caution, it was a directive which meant don’t get distracted, don’t meander, don’t deviate or delay, hurry to the bus stop and above all get your education.

  • Jeff McCall is a young leader who, at 35, is serving as a Vice President/Head of Strategy at TruGreen. After earning his MBA at Harvard, Jeff worked for the financial giants in New York. Through his various leadership experiences, he became a turnaround executive. 
    In today's podcast, Jeff talks about the stewardship aspect of leadership, and why so many leaders tend to "check out" during moments of adversity.
  • Let Us Hear

    Devotionals | July 08, 2016

    How many voices clamor for our attention? Voices that matter, voices that clutter our thoughts, voices that tempt and deceive, voices that bring truth and wisdom. How do we sort out the voices that matter from those that are superfluous? Jesus called people to hear, to listen, to respond to truth. Why? So that they, so that we, might find life, and in finding life, learn to live it. And in living life from God’s perspective, lead others to do the same. Jesus is still speaking. Do you hear Him?

  • First, Center, All

    Devotionals | July 07, 2016

    Where does your source of security, self-worth, and wisdom lie? Over and over, Scripture warns us that this world we live in is temporary, fleeting. We are cautioned that riches are deceptive and that the longing for power and prestige does not reflect the values of God’s kingdom. Jesus calls us to set our eyes on the cross, to work for treasure that is stored for us in heaven, to not be so busy trying to make a life here that we lose ourselves in the process. Where does your source of security, self-worth, and wisdom lie?