• Overlooked Opportunities

    Devotionals | January 20, 2017

    Our work, career, church, and community leadership roles are often the first things that come to mind when we think about leadership. These public spheres of influence may seem to offer the most potential for pointing to Jesus as the greatest leadership role model of all time. Yet few of us would say that leaders in these settings have been the most influential in our lives. Typically, our lives have been most shaped by those with whom we have close, personal relationships—parents, family members, intimate friends.

  • Indelible Stamp

    Devotionals | January 18, 2017

    The early disciples were indelibly marked by their time with Jesus. Regardless of the opposition they faced, they could not deny Him. People might jeer, even persecute them for believing in Him and proclaiming Him as Messiah, but they could not forget nor ignore who He was and the impact of their time with Him. His life, teaching, death, and resurrection shaped their perspectives, priorities, goals, and values from that time forward.

  • To Dream the Impossible Dream

    Devotionals | January 16, 2017

    Where does life find you today? Are you on the mountaintop, experiencing the fulfillment of a dream, or do you find yourself longing for what seems to be an impossibility? Or perhaps you are working toward the day when your dream will become a reality. God-given dreams do not necessarily become reality without our involvement. At times, this means remaining humble and faithful while God does work we cannot do. At other times, this entails working with all our heart and soul and strength in the power of the Spirit to bring about God’s will.

  • Deeply Loved

    Devotionals | January 13, 2017

    God has declared His deep and undying love for us, a love that was willing to sacrifice Himself rather than see us separated from Him. Have we allowed this love—by nature unconditional, freely given, self-sacrificial, forgiving, life-transforming—to flow over, into, and through us? Knowing and experiencing the depths of the love of God cannot be underestimated in our leadership. Only as we are immersed in God’s love can His love heal, restore, revive, and transform our souls. Only then will we be able to love like Jesus, selflessly serving and loving others in His name.

  • When the Need Is Overwhelming

    Devotionals | January 11, 2017

    At times, we find ourselves in seasons of life when the demands placed upon us feel overwhelming. Despairing of our ability to rise to the challenges before us, we confess our inadequacy. If so doing, we are in good company, for Paul himself testifies of being in the same place, and in Gethsemane Jesus confessed His desperation. Where do you need God to act on your behalf?

  • He is Able

    Devotionals | January 09, 2017

    Whatever challenges we face, our confidence lies in the One who is able. He is able to bring order to our circumstances, to restore our souls, to shine light into our darkness, and to guide us into the future in Jesus’ name and for His glory. He is able to replace fear with God-confidence, and to overcome our stubborn pride, replacing it with Jesus-like humility. He is able to do all of this in the hearts and lives of men and women like you and me, asking only that we place ourselves in His hands and make ourselves available to be used by Him.

  • Join Him

    Devotionals | January 05, 2017

    God is at work, shaping history to accomplish His purposes. He is continually inviting us to join in. Are you listening? He speaks through His Word and His Spirit. He opens our understanding to give us perspective as events unfold in our lives, at work, at home, in the world. Seek Him. Seek His purposes and perspective above all else. Join Him. Become part of His story. Lead like Jesus.

  • In His Image

    Devotionals | January 04, 2017

    The world around us presses in, trying to shape us into its image. Yet we do not belong to the world, and we do not need to allow it to conform us into its image of who we are. We are leaders, yes, but we are serving leaders. We are created in the image of God, made for responsibility, yet always conscious that we are not God. Therefore, we lead as those who serve Him, living to exalt Him, and to lead others to know Him better. We will have opportunities this day to point to Him, to reflect His goodness and unconditional love into the world around us.

  • Looking Ahead

    Devotionals | January 02, 2017

    What will this new year bring us? None of us knows for sure, do we? Only the Lord knows what the future holds. Even so, we can be confident that the One who holds the future also holds us by the hand. There will be surprises, yes, some unexpectedly wonderful developments, and most likely, challenges, even difficulties. Jesus’ words assuring us of His continued presence allow us to gaze ahead with hope and courage. He urges us to abide with Him, to dig deep into relationship with Him, and experience His encouraging and strengthening presence with us day by day.

  • Give It All to Him

    Devotionals | December 30, 2016

    Scripture urges us to place every aspect of our lives in God’s hands. All that has gone before, everything we are currently experiencing, and whatever the future holds—all that our lives entail—can be safely entrusted to Him. Do you have regrets? Confess them, and leave them with Him. Do you carry anxiety and fear? He offers to carry them for you if you will simply give them over to His keeping. Do you wonder what the future will be? As His child, you can confidently rest in knowing that the Almighty God, Creator and Ruler of the universe, has you in His hands.