We have exciting news! We are re-launching the Lead Like Jesus Podcast and welcome Rich Cummins, our new President/CEO, and Freddie Scott, one of our new Board Members and a former NFL player, as the new co-hosts of the podcast!

Both Rich and Freddie have immense experience leading and influencing others in the marketplace and in the faith-based sector. Their desire is to equip you as we grow together as leaders who lead like Jesus.

The Legacy of Absence Part 1

Podcast | June 05, 2020

Tim Olson is an author, educator, pastor, and life coach. His understanding of father-child relationships was fostered through years of observation and application as a teacher and Principal, a coach to clients around the world, and working with the National Fathering Ministry in Minnesota and Ukraine. Through it all, he’s found his way to helping others to discover who they are meant to be. In Part 1 Tim is outlining workplace-related issues cause by either poor father-child relationships or by absentee fathers.

Leadership lessons are most effective when they are “caught,” as opposed to simply being “taught.” Gregg Fischer, Content Director for the Global Teen Challenge is one of those leaders who not only embraced the leadership model of Jesus personally but is implementing it throughout his place of work. Here is part one of our interview with Greg where he shares ways he is practically living our the model of leading like Jesus.

Is Jesus' leadership model relevant to us today? Can we apply His ways of leading, influencing, equipping, and empowering others in today's workplaces? We tackle this question and more with John Sparks, Senior Director of Shared Services at World Vision International. With vast experience in the military, corporate America, and faith-based nonprofit, John helps us consider this question from all of those angles.