• Practice Required

    Devotionals | November 20, 2017

    Jesus pointed out of the folly of those who call Him Lord but do not follow His commands. It isn’t that putting Jesus’ words into practice is necessarily easy. He says we need to dig deep and take time to build a solid foundation. It takes time and intentionality to learn to lead like Jesus. But the results are worth it!

  • Jesus' Example

    Devotionals | November 17, 2017

    As Jesus bent to wash the disciples’ feet, He left them (and us) an indelible picture of what it looks like to lead like Jesus. Jesus didn’t become a servant in that moment; He was already a servant, the Servant of the Lord. He willingly did whatever needed to be done to make disciples who would imitate Him in word and action. He knew that would require making it as plain and simple for them as it could be. Will you follow His example today?

  • Full Access

    Devotionals | November 15, 2017

    God is interested in revealing Himself in and through our lives. He wants to make a difference in our families, work settings, church families, and communities. He wants His people to be testimonies to His life, love, and goodness. This is why the Father, Son, and Spirit have made their dwelling place within us. He wants to transform our motivations and pursuits, perspectives and practices, and relationships and habits. Give Him access to all of you today, and trust Him to lead you for His glory, and for your good and the good of everyone around you.

  • Love Does No Harm

    Devotionals | November 13, 2017

    Jesus replaced the world’s overarching cultural value of pursuing honor with a kingdom value of love as the highest and greatest good. What does love look like in real life? God’s love was revealed at the cross. Even to those who crucified Him, Jesus did not retaliate. Decades later, Paul reiterated Jesus’ words about loving others as fulfilling God’s law. Jesus calls his followers to love God, to love one another, and to love our enemies. Have you adopted God’s highest value as your own? How will you put it into practice today?

  • Honoring Those Who Sacrificially Serve

    Devotionals | November 10, 2017

    The call to honor God rings throughout the Old and New Testaments. Likewise, Scripture records the call to honor governmental authorities, religious leaders, parents and elders, and all those to whom honor is due. Those who offer their lives in service to protect and care for others are to be honored for their faithfulness and sacrifice. Often their sacrifice is unseen by us, and because of that, overlooked and left unrecognized. Take time today to thank God for those whose sacrifice allows you to enjoy and pursue your life’s calling; then give them the honor and respect they deserve.

  • Enduring Faithfulness

    Devotionals | November 08, 2017

    In writing to the Corinthian church, Paul began with thanksgiving for God’s enduring and sustaining faithfulness in the lives of His people. The church in Corinth was struggling at the time, conflicted and divided. They needed to be reminded of who they were in Jesus and the purpose for which He had called them. Paul emphasizes all that God has done in the past as he speaks to their present situation. He reminds them that God’s faithfulness endures forever, sustaining and enabling His people’s faithfulness and perseverance in faith.

  • Liar or Lover

    Devotionals | November 06, 2017

    Love for one another is a serious matter to God. Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another with the same selfless, sacrificial love that He had shown for them. This was no easy command for believers in a society deeply divided along Jewish and Gentile lines. As brothers and sisters in Jesus, their love for one another reflected the transformation that God was working in them. Love is essential if you want to lead like Jesus. You cannot love God and continue to hate His children.

  • For or With

    Devotionals | November 03, 2017

    Do you ever find yourself working ‘for’ God’s approval instead of working ‘with’ God? A performance mindset flows from pride and fear, continually fostering pride and fear in our hearts. Accepting and abiding in God’s love is an essential practice if we are to break the pride and fear cycle. As His love abides in us and we abide in His love, we are increasingly able to trust His love and find joy in loving Him. Instead of working ‘for’ God we find that we are free to join Him in the work He is already doing in the world.

  • A Leader’s Privilege

    Devotionals | November 01, 2017

    What privileges are yours as a leader? A worldly point of view counts leadership privilege in terms of personal benefit. A heavenly perspective understands our privilege to be partnering with God in His redemptive purpose in the world. We follow Jesus and choose to lead by serving so that others have an opportunity to experience the goodness and grace of God. As His ambassadors, He has sent us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in every sphere of life. Embrace your privilege and calling—lead like Jesus today!

  • Encountering Jesus

    Devotionals | October 30, 2017

    What life-changing moments have shaped your life and leadership? Was there a person or situation that shaped how you think about what it means to be a leader or what it looks like to lead others? Perhaps someone displayed a real interest in you and your potential. Perhaps someone challenged you to live differently or encouraged you to develop yourself in some way. Perhaps a moment of failure caused you to realize you needed to change. When did you hear Jesus’ call to lead by serving? What difference has encountering Jesus made in your leadership?