Doug Erickson: Customer Service with Eternal Profit

Doug Erickson: Customer Service with Eternal Profit

What Are You Chasing?

Doug Erickson is a successful business owner with three major car dealerships in Hastings, MN, employing over 100 full time staff.

In today’s podcast Doug talks about business being the enemy of intimacy, and how success and the business that comes with it, threaten and often destroy our closest relationships.

After attending the Lead Like Jesus Encounter Doug realized he was pursuing the wrong things. Now he is focused on becoming a serving leader, someone who is not only transformed by the love of Jesus, but is determined to share that love with every employee and customer.

Doug says that at one point his business was profitable but not fulfilling. Now, after experiencing personal transformation, Doug found fulfillment in serving others in the name of Jesus.

Business is the enemy of intimacy.

What are you chasing as a leader?