Alex Rodriguez: Leading Emerging Generations

Alex Rodriguez: Leading Emerging Generations

Alex Rodriguez is a young leader who uses social media to inspire and motivate emerging generations to dream big, to reach their full potential, and most importantly to look at Jesus as their ultimate guide! Recently Alex and his mom, Susanne, became certified facilitators for Lead Like Jesus.

At age 21, Alex's mother was in a serious car accident while on a trip with grandmother to Greece. She found herself tumbling 250 feet down the side of a mountain, with nowhere to look but up.

“I definitely had a conversation with God,” she recalls. “I prayed, ‘I don’t want to die; this is not where I want to be.’” In those moments between life and death, she promised God she would raise a child to know Him and serve Him, if only God would let her live.  Alex believes that this moment was monumental to him starting his outreach to the emerging generations with messages that are deep enough to interest, yet short enough to connect and keep today's young audience engaged. Today, hundreds of thousands of young men and women tune in to hear what Alex has to say.

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