Palvy: A Changed Life Changing her Community

As a freshman in college in Shillong City, India, Palvy heard about Campus Crusade for Christ and so began her journey to leading like Jesus.

Through India Campus Crusade for Christ, she learned how to share the gospel and her own journey with others. “I had never shared my faith personally with others. The staff members trained me how to do personal evangelism. I never imagined I could do that,” she says.

Now, ten years later, Palvy works as a Community Organizer in the Urban Affairs department for her city. God has continued to fan the flame of her passion for sharing Jesus and she is spreading the Gospel in her community through Lead Like Jesus.

Palvy, a trained Lead Like Jesus Facilitator, organized the two-day Lead Like Jesus training called Encounter and brought 35 friends and colleagues together for the experience.

“My perspective of leadership changed dramatically. I am more patient with people and humbler than when I first began. I am convinced of my responsibility to make an impact in my workplace with the gospel,” she says.

It’s her desire that all Christian leaders have this perspective in their lives.

As Palvy has determined to spread the life-changing message of Jesus and His leadership, will you join her with an investment in the ministry of Lead Like Jesus?

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