Igniting Change in Vietnam

More than seventy students came together from different Catholic schools for a life-changing experience through Lead Like Jesus Ignite student training.

The passion of the students rivaled the record-setting temperatures in Hanoi, Vietnam, according to Ignite trainer, Phan Hữu Sinh. “The students didn’t lose any excitement, despite the heat. They enjoyed every part of the course and didn’t want it to end!”

After participating in the Ignite training, the leaders saw immediate change in the students. One leader noted, “I can see their lives are being changed even in the midst of [Ignite]. I can see the heart of the students by the tears on their faces.”

True transformation begins by encountering Jesus and this is just the beginning. Here are a few of the participants’ personal experiences.

Mss. Hoang This Nhu

I never thought I would hear encouragement, but I was wrong. I was truly touched when my friends whispered in my ear during the training. I felt like their words were sincere; it didn’t like the empty encouraging words I heard before.

I believe Jesus was speaking to me through my friends. Now I realize it’s His voice and He’s saying, “Daughter! Remember wherever you are, in any circumstance, no matter how hard or happy you are, you will have me by your side always.”

This training has shown me how empty my heart has been. I started to think, “Do I really care about my parents?” Dear me, how I’ve taken them for granted! I realized how selfish and arrogant I’ve been lately. I’m thankful to God for giving me this wonderful experience. I have been renewed.



Mss. Nguyen Phuong

 Before the Ignite training, I asked myself, “Are you a leader?” I wonder how can I be a leader when I have no position and no power. But after only one day of attending the Encounter, I’m confident that I am a leader. Now I’m thinking about my future and how I can influence others in my school and my job.

Now I choose to model God. I want to be like Him and it’s a journey of transformation. This course has taught me how important it is to love God, love others and love myself.

Through this course, I experienced a powerful faith, trust and hope in God. I felt a strong peace.

Ignite not only gave me chance to learn about leadership, but to hear God speaking to me. Even just hearing friends speak Scripture, my heart was touched. I had been feeling depressed, but God came to me in that moment and said, “Fight, my daughter! I know you. I forgive you.” He is always with me but I did not recognize Him. He spoke through my friends. I’m thankful to God for this experience!