Hearing His Voice: William, The Philippines

“I’m used to coming to God as a pastor and a leader,” says 39-year-old William Gruzo Litana (Philippines), explaining one of the most impactful moments of a recent Lead Like Jesus Encounter. “My heart melted when He whispered, ‘William, come to me like a child.’”

Husband, father, and the pastor of a sizable church in Pagadian City, William has known Jesus since early adolescence.  “My spiritual life began when I met Christ as my Savior and Lord sometime in May 1989. It was my first life encounter with God. However, developing a lifestyle and leadership like Jesus is never instantaneous.”

The Lead Like Jesus Encounter proved to be an important moment in William’s lifelong journey of transformation. “I found rest in God from busyness, for spiritual recharging,” he says.

In particular, William was deeply moved while listening to someone whisper the Scriptural promises of God. “I focused on God’s Spirit and anticipated His voice,” he explains.

“In that moment, I appreciated that being a child of God is primary to effective leadership. It is an irrevocable relationship. It is both foundational and indispensable.”

Throughout the Encounter, Williams says that God continued to speak to his heart, exposing the weaknesses in his leadership philosophies and practices. “I realized I have a fear issue on leading people,” he says. “I understood that I am too sensitive and dependent on people’s opinion.”

Now, his paradigm has shifted.

“I resolve to live and lead with a sense of purpose and courage. I must anchor my disposition on God – the Author of self-worth and significance,” says William.

“Thus, I am more motivated to live a Spirit-dependent life,” he continues. “This should be expressed through honesty before God and integrity before men, with Christ-focused lifestyle –starting in my home, ministry, and community.”

And William is eager to share the life-transforming leadership of Jesus with everyone he influences.

“For me, leadership is Christ-oriented character and outward godly influence to create a positive impact upon people,” says William. “Having understood these spiritual insights, how wonderful it would be when my countrymen will find the same thinking on leadership and lifestyle like Jesus! It leaves the handprint of God in the human heart and on history.”