Church Planter Training: From Terrorist to Evangelist

Paul Yomterah was on a path of revenge against the men who killed his father when God changed his life forever. In Northern Ghana, Paul was busy selling marijuana, practicing black magic and recruiting boys in his community in a plot to avenge his father's death. He exchanged drugs for weapons in preparation for the day when he could enact this plan. One day a friend called to invite him to the Lead Like Jesus Encounter in a nearby town. "I went not knowing what to expect. During the Encounter, I kept hearing a new voice speaking to me. The voice wouldn't let me go as if he had a hold on me. Suddenly, I realized I had to give up everything and let God be the pillar  of my life." 

"I'd heard people talk about Jesus and tell me terrorism is bad, but it wasn't until the Encounter that anything changed. I felt renewed. I felt refreshed. I realized I had God as a Father. I knew I needed to leave everything to my Maker." After seeing the change in Paul's life through the training, Paul was selected by our National Representative to begin Church Planter Training. Because of the generosity of donors, Paul was able to complete his 18 months of training while continuing to provide for his family. Since then, Paul has planted multiple churches in hardship areas where no church was successful before and has told countless people in his community about Jesus. The Holy Spirit is

transforming whole communities through the Lead Like Jesus ministry of Church Planter Training. By developing champions like Paul, communities, cultures and nations are

changing. We are deeply grateful for donors who continue to support the ministry of Church Planter Training.

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