Church Planter Training Ministry: Teaching the Model of Jesus Among the Nations

"The Lord spoke to me saying, "The time has come to remove the Kambari People from among the Unreached People Group list. The Kambaris are ripe for harvest." After this calling, Simon Johns* knew he needed more guidance to be able to spread the message of Jesus effectively. Simon was trained as a Church Planter using Lead Like Jesus resources as the foundation for his ministry. He has been busy planting churches ever since. Despite great opposition, Simon continues telling the Kambari people of Nigeria about Jesus. "Shortly after entering the village, our news traveled so fast that the Islamic world rose up against our work. They mobilized themselves via social media and sought to intimidate us by using the power of the State. But the Lord gave us wisdom and boldness ... "

"Because of our presence in Birnin Amina, within six weeks the Muslims came and built a mosque and sank a borehole saying only those who accept Islam are permitted to drink. This drew some to accept Islam, but through the power of concerted prayer, the Christian converts remain strong in faith. They said they would rather continue to walk the long distance to go fetch water from the stream where humans and animals drink together than accept Islam." "The villagers say they love Yesu (Jesus) because He is love. God is opening doors among the Kambaris." Through the generous support of financial partners and Lead Like Jesus Church Planter training, Simon has the skills he needs to teach God's Word and bring light to the darkness. Pray for Simon and his ongoing ministry to the Kambari people.

*Name changed for anonymity

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