Christ Anglican Secondary School Ibadan - Ignite -Neye Anthony and Sam Ayoola


This is a town settlement along a popular Nigeria Brewery Industry in Ibadan. Along the axis is the airport which contributed to the dense population of this community, in one of the most populous states in Nigeria. In this crowded population are the elites, the indigenes and migrant elite and socialites who are seeking greener pastures. The older members of the community are illiterates who formerly occupy the lands before they sold off for the progressive development and many who result into political party partisans/thugs or mediating as agents to buy and sell anything possible. This community is full of the teenagers and youth (students) who are already following the same pattern, stepping into their parent’s shoes in criminality and political thugs. There are various religious factions-traditionalists, spiritualists (diabolic), Muslims, orthodox, evangelicals, Pentecostals and the like. They are very enterprising - majorly motorcycle and car drivers, traders and agents (contractors/middle-men), office/government workers etc. Some are educated (mostly young elites) and many are illiterates. Many big Orthodox church cathedrals and many Pentecostal churches have already invaded the land. The gospel of Christ as Saviour, Lord and perfect leadership role model need to be taught. Holding the Ignite Workshop will be a reawakening and the transformation needed to properly orient the young ones which will spark a revival that we believe will transform the whole community to become Christ like.