Ayded Grammar School, Ayede Ekit - Ignite - Pastor Fayemi& Chief Omotosho


This is a rural/urban (town) settlement along Isan/Oye road in Oye local government in Ekiti State Nigeria. This is a very crowded community of religious factions dominantly Muslims. They are very enterprising, some educated and many are illiterates. They are sociable, care-free and religious radicals (Muslims).  They are majorly traders, transporters and farmers. Those who are Christians are mainly orthodox though the evangelicals had already invaded the land with the gospel. They are very accommodating yet very skeptic particularly when it has to do with Jesus. There is need for spiritual enlightening, exposure to the knowledge of the Gospel. Holding the Ignite Workshop will enlighten and educate the students, will open their eyes to know the truth and be liberated and will grant them access to understand true leadership by Jesus' exemplary lifestyle as pictured through the workshop. We hope to hear outstanding testimonies of radical transforming experience from Islam to Jesus.