• Lessons to Be Learned

    Devotionals | February 19, 2016

    How many lessons to be learned are there in Jesus’ life? Think of His devotion to the Father, of His service for the lost, hurting, and lonely. Think of how much the disciples learned as they walked with Jesus day by day. Yet John’s gospel reminds us that only a portion of all that Jesus did is captured in the Bible. We can catch glimpses of what the disciples learned as we, too, walk with Him daily. There is so much more. What will you learn today?

  • Thinking Ahead

    Devotionals | February 17, 2016

    Prayerfully thinking ahead marked Jesus’ mission. Whether it was resisting temptation, ministering to others, or developing leaders, He lived in light of God’s call on His life. Likewise, God urges us to seek His perspective on the work He has called us to do. With our mission, vision, and values in place, we are better equipped to stay focused in challenging times. When unexpected change comes, we are better able to revise plans and respond ‘in the moment.’ Where do you need to prayerfully think ahead today?

  • First Say Yes

    Devotionals | February 15, 2016

    How much does your relationship with God shape your life? Saying yes to God and yielding to Him as our ultimate authority is the defining ‘yes’ that overshadows and permeates every aspect of life. Jesus’ ‘yes’ to God led Him to say yes to God’s will, even as it led Him to say no to Satan and the things of this world. Like Jesus, our ‘yes’ to God supersedes all other requests or demands. Leading like Jesus means that we yield like Jesus, saying ‘yes’ to the One who loves us more than life itself.

  • Love Without Limits

    Devotionals | February 12, 2016

    God’s love knows no limits. His love far exceeds the greatest love this world can offer. Why then do we so easily chase after other ‘loves’? Have we not experienced the self-sacrificial, unconditional love of God? Have we not embraced His forgiveness and salvation? Do we not think He wants the best for us? Have we allowed ourselves to be misled by the world’s standards of love? Let the love of Jesus sweep through you today, saturating your heart and soul, your head and perspective. Then let it overflow through you into the lives of others.

  • Storing Up Treasure

    Devotionals | February 10, 2016

    Psalm 1 extols the benefits of consistently meditating on God’s law, as does Psalm 119. Proverbs compares the wisdom God gives with silver, gold, and precious gems. As we meditate on God’s Word, His truth and wisdom begin to permeate our thoughts and shape our leadership perspective. Our minds are transformed with the same truth that shaped the character and ministry of Jesus. What kind of treasure do you store up in your mind? How much does God’s Word shape your perspective and influence your decision-making?

  • The Folly of Self-Confidence

    Devotionals | February 08, 2016

    Self-confidence provides a weak basis for leadership. The truth is that we are all still learning and growing as leaders. We are being transformed, but we are still in process. We are human; therefore, we are prone to make mistakes. The five-letter word for self-confidence is pride. Its opposite is humility, humility that leads to confidence in God. Even Jesus chose not to live in self-confidence. If we want to be like Jesus, we will follow the path of choosing humility and God-confidence in all our ways.

  • Juggling

    Devotionals | February 05, 2016

    In contrast to Jesus’ purposeful movement through life, many of us live like jugglers who are trying to keep too many balls in the air. Being busy defines our days. We move between family, work, church, and community activities with scarcely time to breathe. In the mix, Sabbath and solitude often get lost. “Later,” we think, only to find that we have worn ourselves out with all our coming and going. What about you? Is your relationship with God the top priority in your life, or just one part of your life?

  • No Cause for Pride

    Devotionals | February 03, 2016

    All that we are and all that we have comes from God. From our innate character traits to personal strengths, skillsets, and resources, God is the giver and we are the recipients. The human tendency is to forget that we are not self-made, to edge God out, and to make ourselves the masters of our own existence. The start of leading like Jesus begins with acknowledging that we not our own.

  • The Gift of Correction

    Devotionals | February 01, 2016

    Correction doesn’t always feel like a gift. Given in the wrong attitude, it can shame and dishonor people. But when correction is given with concern for others and in pursuit of mutual goals, it helps us avoid errors, correct mistakes, and improve results and relationships. To put it into perspective, how many of us have benefited personally from God’s loving correction? He is direct yet compassionate, motivated by love, and always solution-oriented. How can we transfer those lessons into our leadership?

  • Working Out

    Devotionals | January 29, 2016

    Physical health, even mental and emotional health, is on many people’s radar. What about spiritual health? How does your heart check out? What is the state of your head and hands? What habits are currently part of your spiritual fitness plan? Leading like Jesus requires us to be spiritually fit. What adjustments do you need to make in order to be a better leader?