• Words We Long to Hear

    Devotionals | September 07, 2020

    “Well done, good and faithful servant.” These are the words all God’s servants long to hear. It is nice to hear them from time to time during our lives on earth. But human accolades pale in comparison to receiving God’s approval. When His Spirit touches our heart and whispers pleasure and blessing, all else fades away. We enter into God’s joy and delight when we live for Him. Do you long for intimacy with God? Increased joy in what you do? Serve the One who loves you more than life itself. Enter into God’s presence and delight today.

  • Preparing for the Future

    Devotionals | September 04, 2020

    When Elijah found himself adrift, desperate, and isolated, God met him precisely at his point of need (1 Kings 19). Exhausted? Eat and sleep, there is a journey ahead. Discouraged, confused? Come into My presence and let Me reveal Myself to you. Can’t find your purpose or the way forward? No worries, I know the way forward, because I am the way, and I am at work in My world. I have a bigger and broader perspective than you do. Trust me. Overwhelmed, desperate, isolated? I never planned for you to go it alone. Accept my gift of a companion and servant and successor to train.

  • When Exhaustion Hits

    Devotionals | September 02, 2020

    Do you ever get tired? Even Elijah—the prophet who courageously revealed God’s truth and power to a corrupt people and nation, the prophet who raised a boy to life and called down fire from heaven—yes, even Elijah got tired. The public display of God’s power in and through him was not without cost. Jezebel’s threat came at a point of extreme exhaustion, drained as he was after confronting the faithless, Baal-worshiping crowd and all that ensued. Fear washed over him. His only thought was to get away. He was done, but God was not done with him.

  • Individuals and Nations

    Devotionals | August 31, 2020

    Elijah served individuals and nations as the Lord’s servant and representative. God’s power was released through him in every situation into which God sent him. His utter, humble dependence upon the Lord and God-confidence resulted in far-reaching ministry that touched individuals and nations. Elijah’s calling to live a life that revealed that the Lord was God is also your calling today. His life of devotion and loyalty to the Lord allowed God to use Elijah at will. Is God able to use you in the same way?

  • Early Lessons

    Devotionals | August 28, 2020

    What difference did the time Elijah spent beside the brook make in his life? Can you imagine relying on God to the extent that he did? The ravens God sent fed on whatever they could find. Elijah had to trust that these unclean, carrion-eating birds would bring him food fit to eat. And they did. He had to trust that the brook would continue to provide drinkable water during the drought he had just prophesied. The time undoubtedly further increased Elijah’s trust and reliance on God’s faithfulness and trustworthiness throughout his ministry.

  • Timely Encouragement

    Devotionals | August 26, 2020

    Consider the content of God’s message to Elijah after Elijah’s bold announcement to Ahab. The Lord provided direction, protection, and daily provision for His servant. God’s word to him was the encouragement Elijah needed to hear at the exact time that Elijah needed it. The Lord still speaks today. God’s Word and Spirit provide what we need when we need to hear it. Are you listening?

  • Make the Most of Your Time

    Blog | Sheryl Giesbrecht | August 25, 2020

    “I wish I could stand on a busy street corner and beg people to give me all their wasted hours.” Wouldn’t it be great if we could stock up the hours others have wasted or don’t want? Did you know that most people waste at least two hours every single day?  Unfortunately, no one can loan us any of their spare time. Most of have an inkling that we actually do have time for the things we’ve complained there was no time for. We have a hunch that if we could manage ourselves better, we might be more productive with the use of our time and finish our projects in a timely fashion.

  • Public and Private

    Devotionals | August 24, 2020

    Elijah’s public ministry began with warning King Ahab about a coming, prolonged drought. Hardly the message one wants to bring to a person in power. Immediately afterward came the LORD’s word of provision and protection for Elijah. Elijah trusted and obeyed God’s direction in his public leadership role as well as in his private life. God calls us to do the same.

  • Entrusted by God

    Devotionals | August 21, 2020

    Leadership roles, large or small, are entrusted to you by the Lord. Like Adam and Eve were entrusted with caring for the garden. Like Saul, David, Solomon and the ancient kings were entrusted with shepherding God’s people and building His kingdom. Like parents are entrusted with children to nurture, protect, and guide. Like pastors are called to shepherd Jesus’ people, the church. What role has God given you? How do you influence the thinking, behavior, and development of others? What difference does it make for you to see it as entrusted to you by God?

  • Hearing Voices

    Blog | Christine Vogelsang | August 20, 2020

    “Now in this section, I want to create, as the composer requests, una voce. I don’t want to hear any one voice sticking out. It should be as if all your voices were blended together and coming out of the same person.”


    I loved it when my choir responded to my directions. Even the boldest voices curbed their vibrato and volume and worked towards that perfectly unified sound.