• Early Warning Signs

    Devotionals | July 24, 2015

    Are you familiar with the warning signs that fear is edging its way into your leadership? What about the signs of pride’s deadly influence? Initially, fear and pride find footholds in our hearts before corrupting our perspectives and showing up in our actions and attitudes. Comparison, competition, impatience, being overly critical, defending or promoting ourselves, isolation from others—these are telltale signs that we need to examine ourselves and seek God’s intervention. Where are fear and pride undermining your ability to lead like Jesus?

  • EGO at Center Stage
    Heather Day

    EGO at Center Stage

    Blog | Heather Day | July 23, 2015

    I’m not what you’d call an accomplished thespian, but I was cast in a few local shows throughout high school, college and early adulthood. Since my children were born, however, I’ve been on an acting hiatus…for a little more than a decade.

    Last month, I decided to dip my toe back into the theatrical pool by trying out for a community production of Mary Poppins. 

  • A Change of Focus

    Devotionals | July 22, 2015

    Think about the impact of the early church! Abandoning self-centered, worldly perspectives, they focused on living in light of Jesus’ resurrection. Through their witness, people’s lives were changed, transformed. Jesus continues to call us to create Jesus-centered communities in our homes and churches, to live as salt and light in the marketplace and the community-at-large. When we do, He is exalted through our lives and leadership. What is your focus in leading others?

  • Treasuring What God Treasures

    Devotionals | July 20, 2015

    Treasure comes in many forms, some temporary and fleeting, some lasting and eternal. Jesus spoke bluntly about the allure of earthly treasures whose pleasures and benefits pass away. He urges us to allow our hearts to be captivated by treasure that endures, to be caught up into the very life and movement of God. As we value what God values, we grow to long for more of Him and to be more like Him. Increasingly, we love people and use things, rather than loving things and using people. Where is your treasure?

  • Hurry Up, Get Busy, Do More

    Devotionals | July 17, 2015

    Being busy is often part of making things happen. But do constantly frenzied activity and full calendars necessarily mean that anything of value is being accomplished? Knowing the importance of His mission, Jesus lived purposefully rather than hurriedly. He moved from one God-ordained encounter to the next, and taught others to do the same. What can you do to make sure that hurry and busy-ness are not edging God out of your life and leadership?

  • I don't know about you, but as I look back on my childhood and teenage years, I don’t remember life being so hectic. Both of my parents worked, yet I have many great memories of playing with them and spending afternoons with neighbors and friends.

    Today life seems so rushed. So full of activities. So unsympathetic and almost merciless toward patience, waiting, rest and unannounced visits. Even those of us who follow Jesus often struggle with the “be still and know” aspect of our walk with Him.

  • Stop, Look, and Listen!

    Devotionals | July 15, 2015

    Jesus often called His disciples to open their eyes and see the possibilities in front of them. Still today He calls us to stop pursuing our own agendas, look at the situation around us, and humbly listen to realign ourselves with His purpose and ways. Whether we are navigating planned change, unexpected opportunities, or dealing with spur-of-the-moment crises, Jesus-like leaders set their hearts on following Him. Where is God calling you to stop, look, and listen?

  • Words of Encouragement

    Devotionals | July 13, 2015

    Encouragement is a universal need in the world. Whoever we meet, wherever we go, during good times and bad times, task-specific and personal encouragement always reaps powerful leadership dividends. Wise leaders know this. They take personal responsibility for motivating and encouraging those they lead. Sometimes people need words of affirmation, knowing that we understand and believe in them. Other times, they may need us to give instruction or to help them solve problems. Whatever the need, effective leaders discern the best way and time to encourage others. Who will you speak to today?

  • Valuing Rest and Renewal

    Devotionals | July 10, 2015

    Rest is one of God’s values. He designed life with daily, weekly, and seasonal periods to be set aside for rest and renewal. A good night’s rest, daily times of solitude, keeping the Sabbath, sabbaticals, vacations, and spiritual retreats, all have their place in the life of a leader. As the pace of modern life increases, we need to be intentional about building this time into our lives. What do you do to refocus, reengage with your calling, fine-tune your personal mission, and rebuild your energy reserves?