• When God Prompts

    Devotionals | September 23, 2015

    Whispers, by their very nature, require that we be close enough for someone to whisper to us and quiet enough to hear their words. Elijah was accustomed to hearing God’s whispers, as were the prophets to whom “the word of the Lord came.” While God may use external circumstances to get our attention, His guidance comes through His Spirit. This is why the habits of spending time in solitude, reading and meditating on Scripture, and communicating with God in prayer, are so crucial.

  • Life Changing

    Devotionals | September 21, 2015

    The Good News of Jesus Christ is life-changing, transforming a person’s heart, head, hands, and habits. Hearts of stone are replaced with living hearts, and personal perspectives begin to reflect the mind of Christ. This newness of life is shaped by God’s Spirit as we discover increasing intimacy with God the Father and His Son Jesus. We become living, breathing examples of God’s grace. How is the Good News changing your life, your perspective, your habits, and your leadership?

  • Dreams and Aspirations

    Devotionals | September 18, 2015

    What do you long for? Where do you find your dreams and aspirations? Are they anchored in this world, or are they anchored in eternity? After experiencing God’s deliverance, provision, and protection, the Israelites decided they would rather give up God and be like the nations around them. It is easy to become blinded to God’s presence and purposes. Ask God to focus your heart and mind as you begin this day.

  • Key to Sustained Leadership Success

    Podcast | September 16, 2015

    Jim Blanchard, former Chairman and CEO of Synovus Corporation, shares lessons he's learned over his 30 years as a leader in a prominent corporate environment.

    Jim's leadership was marked by sustained success over a long period of time, and he shares with us what he believes positioned him to achieve not just few bursts of success, but long-term sustained success as a leader.

  • People of Encouragement

    Devotionals | September 16, 2015

    Barnabas, the son of encouragement, was a servant leader who used his gifts to build others up according to their needs. When Paul needed an advocate shortly after his conversion, Barnabas interceded with the leaders in Jerusalem. When Paul and John Mark had a falling out, Barnabas believed in John Mark’s potential and took on the role of coaching him. Because of Barnabas’s influence in Paul’s life, Christianity gained an influential leader who expanded the reach of Jesus’ message, and his influence in John Mark’s life restored him to productive ministry.

  • Self-reliance or God-reliance?

    Devotionals | September 14, 2015

    1 Samuel 15 records Saul’s failure as king, a failure fueled by the lethal combination of fear and pride. Fearing the people instead of fearing God, Saul abdicated his God-given task. He substituted his own best thinking for God’s instructions. He became so deluded with his own importance that he set up a monument to himself and even protested that he had fully carried out God’s instructions, despite clear evidence to the contrary. Before judging Saul too harshly, perhaps we would do well to examine ourselves.

  • Leading During Change and Crisis

    Devotionals | September 11, 2015

    Leading during change and crisis calls for exceptionally careful, consistent, and clear communication. As leaders, our job is to help people face the reality of present circumstances, regardless of how challenging or desperate they may be, and then help people realize how their choices can impact the outcome. This is where our ability to communicate clearly as leaders makes a difference. It isn’t easy to communicate during crisis. Especially as the emotional climate heats up, it is vital that we use our words wisely.

  • Discovering Real Contentment

    Blog | Robert and Lori Ferguson | September 10, 2015

    We live surrounded by abundance – in goods, services, luxury, ease, and opportunities. Perhaps we don’t own everything we want, but it’s definitely there to view and covet. Regardless of what is available, are we content with what we have?

    Contentment can be defined as peaceful satisfaction.

    Where does this peaceful satisfaction come from, when we live in a world that’s always striving for more?

    Contentment begins in a pure heart that exalts God only.

  • Great Pressure

    Devotionals | September 09, 2015

    Person after person in God’s story would affirm that answering God’s call can only be done by depending wholly on God Himself. Moses, Elijah, and Jeremiah had strategic roles as God’s prophets. Mary and Joseph shepherded the very Son of God. Jesus and His disciples carried the gospel to a hostile world. All encountered great opposition. All are remembered today as faithfully representing God under great pressure. When pressure mounts in your life, put God first and allow Him to accomplish His purposes through you.