Articles | June 2017

  • Judy Zitzloff is President of Zitzloff Training Resources, Inc., and an Empowerment CoachJudy has been teaching people success strategies for 30 years using the DISC personality assessment.

    In today’s podcast Judy focuses on the biblical aspect of the Biblical DISC Assessment. She explains how understanding and embracing each other’s differences helps us become more like Jesus.

    Judy walks us through a 5-stage process that takes us from judging others because of their differences to valuing others and the way God uniquely designed them.

  • Waiting on the Spirit

    Devotionals | June 05, 2017

    Jesus isn’t interested in our rushing out in our own power to do things for Him. What He wants is for our words and actions to be in line with what God is doing in the world. Just as Jesus directed His first disciples to wait on the Spirit, He directs us today to wait on the Lord, to seek His direction, to only move forward in the power of the Spirit. Where do you need to seek the Spirit’s power?

  • For a Greater Cause

    Devotionals | June 02, 2017

    God’s love for us is so deep that He willingly gave Himself for us. The Life-Giver laid down His life, defeating death, so that we could find life in Him. Men and women throughout history have offered their lives on behalf of others, and we honor and revere them for their sacrifice. How much more do we honor and revere God for paying the price so that we may find life in Him?