Articles | March 2017

  • Wholehearted Leadership

    Wholehearted Leadership

    Blog | Phyllis Hennecy Hendry | March 02, 2017

    Leadership matters.  Current statistics reveal 61% of those who work for bad bosses are looking for another job while 91% of those who have a good boss enjoy going to work every day.  In the same survey, participants reported feeling controlled and manipulated by bad bosses, and the good boss tribe felt empowered.  What a difference a leader can make! 

    As followers of Jesus, our greatest job is helping people move from where they are to wherever God would have them go – and that really matters!

  • Accepting the Cost

    Devotionals | March 01, 2017

    Jesus always knew that the cross lay before Him. He had no illusions that His life would be easy. He accepted the cost to ushering in God’s kingdom and providing salvation. At the beginning of His ministry, He prepared Himself for the task ahead, all the while being tempted to take the easy way out. What has God given you to do? How does God want to strengthen you to accomplish His purposes?