Articles | August 2016

  • Altar Your Ego

    Devotionals | August 31, 2016

    Jesus offers us a relationship with God, a relationship that transforms every aspect of our lives. He calls everyone to the same journey, no matter who we are, or where we lead. He calls us to lay down our lives, to lay down our self-sufficiency, our self-centeredness, our pride and fear. He calls us to follow Him in humility, with confidence in who He is and what He is doing. He calls us to let Him remake us according to His purpose and for His glory. Make no mistake, the road isn’t easy. But it is a good road, the road to life. And Jesus, our leader, has gone before us.

  • Heather Day

    Micromanaging Stinks – or Does It?

    Blog | Heather Day | August 30, 2016

    The results are in, and everyone agrees: No one likes to be micromanaged.  Empowerment is good; micromanagement is bad. Case closed…let’s all move on.

    But wait… Who’s that over in the corner clearing his throat, challenging this universally accepted notion? Why, it’s the ever-outspoken Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric! And, of course, he sees things differently.  Go figure. 

  • Solitude

    Devotionals | August 26, 2016

    Silence and solitude will help us lead like Jesus when we use them for their intended purpose. As followers of Jesus, we carve space out of our schedules to make time to be in God’s presence. This is sacred space, a divine appointment. Setting aside the pressing demands of life, work, and ministry, we use these times to open our minds and hearts to what God wants to say to us. Quieting the distractions, we ask for His perspective. Strengthened and renewed, we rise to humbly and confidently lead in Jesus’ name.

  • Jesus’ Secret to Success

    Devotionals | August 26, 2016

    Jesus’ secret to success is available to each of us, no matter who we are, who we lead, or where God has placed us. What was His secret? Jesus was utterly dependent on the Father to lead the way. When criticized for His actions, He told the Jewish leaders that He was simply doing what the Father was doing. He continually relied upon the Father for direction, strength, and wisdom. Follow Jesus’ example, and let His secret to success shape your leadership today.

  • For Such a Time as This

    Embracing God’s Plan for YOU

    Blog | Karen McGuire | August 25, 2016

    I just finished reading the Book of Esther this morning during my quiet time. I’m always amazed at the truths that I find there.

    If you’re not familiar with it, Esther is a fascinating story found in the Old Testament, just after the story of Nehemiah. It’s easily read in one sitting. Interestingly, Esther is also the only Old Testament book that makes no mention of God, but it the story of some Jews and how God used one woman to save the remnant that lived in her area.

    This truly is the story of a remarkable woman.

  • Meeting Essential Needs

    Devotionals | August 24, 2016

    Are you content to have unfulfilled needs in your life? Most of us aren’t. We want enough for today, plus extra stored away for the future. Yet our longing for more than enough is often limited to what we can see and touch. Jesus told us that these things would never satisfy. He taught that only God can fulfill our most important needs, giving us a sense of security, identity, significance, and purpose. These are essential needs for leaders. Only when we let God fill these core needs can we turn from our self-centered ways to lead like Jesus.

  • Look This Way

    Devotionals | August 22, 2016

    Some people lead their lives by making a point of not being like other people, focusing on someone else’s negative example, instead of seeking a positive role model. In their pride, they determine that they will never be like the person who made a negative impact on them. Doing this doesn’t bring about Jesus-like transformation, it only succeeds in fixing our thoughts on what is negative. Instead, God asks us to focus on Jesus. Meditating on who He is, we become like the One we behold, and grow to be humble, selfless, God-exalting leaders, following Him as our leader.

  • Chris and Karin Conlee: Leadership and Marriage

    Green Lights of Marriage

    Podcast | August 19, 2016

    In this 2-part podcast series, Chris and Karin Conlee, founders of Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN, continue our focus on marriage and leadership.

    Today, Chris and Karin discuss the "green lights" in everyone's marriage that prevent us from falling into the status quo of living. Green lights are designed to direct us and propel our relationships to the new heights.

    The way leaders lead their marriages and families gives them incredible credibility in the workplace. Chris and Karin talk about love, patience, kindness and keeping first things first. 

  • If You Run

    Devotionals | August 19, 2016

    Have you ever faced a challenge so big that you were tempted to run from it? Fear invaded your thoughts when you looked at it, and you found yourself saying “there is no way I can do this.” If so, you are not alone. Moses and Gideon are just two of God’s leaders who wrestled with fear, and Abraham and Elijah wrestled with discouragement. If you struggle with either fear or discouragement, go ahead and run; just make sure you run in the right direction. If you run, run to the Father. Go quickly, fall on your knees, cast yourself on Him, and call out to Him for help.