• To schedule an Encounter Workshop or Encounter Workshop Facilitator Certification contact Lead Like Jesus at 800-383-6890
  • Determine date and time for the Encounter. The Encounter workshop experience is two days, and the optional Facilitator Certification is four hours. 

Investment for an On-site Encounter/Encounter Facilitator Certification

Encounter workshop fee:  $3,200 for Ministries or Non-Profit Organizations

Encounter workshop fee:  $4,000 for For-Profit Organizations

Encounter workshop materials fee:  $45 per person

Trainer Travel Expenses include: airfare, meals, lodging and ground transportation


One Encounter Facilitator Certification is included in the workshop fee: Additional individuals from your organization/ministry may be certified for $699 per person

The sponsoring group will be asked to cover any costs of the training room, LCD projector, and participant meals for the two-day program.  

50% of the training fee would be paid to Lead Like Jesus 45 days in advance of the session, with additional participant fees , optional facilitator certification, and trainer travel expenses invoiced after the workshop and due within 30 days.

For those who hesitate to make this commitment or find it too difficult to get an initial group together, we encourage you to purchase LLJ Revisited books, Six-Week Study Guides and put together a Bible Study group.  After leading the study, you may find you’ve created the impetus to schedule and fill a Lead Like Jesus Encounter Workshop/Facilitator Certification. 

For Questions, or to Schedule an Onsite Encounter/Certification, Contact:

Lead Like Jesus at 800-383-6890