Clifton Lambreth is an incredible Jesus-like leader who comes with wealth of leadership experience. Clifton spent 26 years working for the Ford Motor Company and was part of the team responsible for Ford's turnaround after its $12.7 billion loss in 2006. Currently Clifton serves as the Founder/CEO of Daniel Bradley Matthews Inc., providing strategic business and marketing consulting services. In today's podcast, Clifton shares with us great insights into how servant leader models whom he observed early in his life shaped him into a servant leader as an adult.

In today's podcast John Wilfong, a financial planner in Memphis, TN and David Lewis, Executive Director, WiseHeart Foundation, talk about the importance of generosity in every leader's life. They share experiences of working with many leaders, helping them understand the importance of investing wisely and purposefully instead of randomly.

Ken Blanchard: Refire! Don’t Retire!

Podcast | January 06, 2016

Ken Blanchard, the best selling author of the The One Minute Manage® (over 13 million copies sold) and Lead Like Jesus shares with us insights about finding joy and purpose during a leader's retirement years.

In this podcast, Ken talks to us about one of his last conversations with Zig Ziglar in which Zig Ziglar shared challenging and refreshing insights about refiring instead of retiring, despite his advanced age.

Chris and Karin were a "power" couple with Chris dreaming of becoming a PGA golfer and Karin chasing her dream of becoming a CEO. God, however, had different plans. In 2002 Chris and Karin Conlee launched Highpoint Church in Memphis,TN,  and have been serving the Memphis community ever since. In this podcast they share their journey of abandoning their dreams in order to follow God's dream for their lives. 

Both Chris and Karin are passionate about serving the least and making Jesus - the friend of sinners - known to everyone they encounter. 

Ken Blanchard: The New One Minute Manager

Podcast | December 16, 2015

Ken Blanchard, the best selling author of the The One Minute Manage® (over 13 million copies sold) and Lead Like Jesus shares with us insights from recently released The New One Minute Manager®.

In this podcast, Ken focuses on the importance of goal setting, accountability, and the difference between a Command & Control leadership and a Side-By-Side leadership.

Here are some great quotes from today's podcast:

Kemmons Wilson Jr. (whose family founded the Holiday Inn chain) serves as the Chairman of the Board of Wilson Hotel Management. In this podcast, Kemmons talks about what it was like growing up as a son of a very successful father, and how the lessons he's learned helped him to launch his own business.

Kemmons shares how his belief that God designed each of us uniquely helped him become secure "in his own skin" instead of living in his father's shadow.

Here are some great quotes from today's podcasts:

Obeying God’s call, empty-nesters David (former President/CEO, Family Dollar Stores; current CEO, TruGreen) and Debbie Alexander said YES to adopting six boys from war-torn Liberia. In this podcast, they share the challenges that come with saying YES to God's call and about the importance and the power of community in those challenging times.