Chris and Karin Conlee: Leadership and Marriage

Green Lights of Marriage

Podcast | August 19, 2016

In this 2-part podcast series, Chris and Karin Conlee, founders of Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN, continue our focus on marriage and leadership.

Today, Chris and Karin discuss the "green lights" in everyone's marriage that prevent us from falling into the status quo of living. Green lights are designed to direct us and propel our relationships to the new heights.

The way leaders lead their marriages and families gives them incredible credibility in the workplace. Chris and Karin talk about love, patience, kindness and keeping first things first. 

Jeff McCall is a young leader who, at 35, is serving as a Vice President/Head of Strategy at TruGreen. After earning his MBA at Harvard, Jeff worked for the financial giants in New York. Through his various leadership experiences, he became a turnaround executive. 
In today's podcast, Jeff talks about the stewardship aspect of leadership, and why so many leaders tend to "check out" during moments of adversity.

Today's podcast is part 2 in a series of how to have the difficult conversations in order to resolve conflict.

Chris and Karin Conlee focus on fears that prevent us from having those hard conversations. Some of the fears we’ll walk though on today’s podcast are:

Fear of rejection

Fear of disapproval

Fear of loss

Fear of being the bad buy

Fear of getting hurt