Tommy Spaulding: “I” vs. “We” Leadership Ratio

Tommy Spaulding: “I” vs. “We” Leadership Ratio

Tommy Spaulding, President of the Spaulding Companies, is a leadership expert, keynote speaker and an author of two New York Times best sellers: It's Not Just Who You Know and The Heart-Led Leader.

Tommy's humble upbringing, and his struggles with severe dyslexia , which always left him feeling like he is not "good enough," set the stage for Tommy's incredible success as a leader and an entrepreneur.

In today's podcast, Tommy addresses two simple words - "I" and "We" - that distinguish heart-led leaders from self-serving leaders. During research for his latest book, The Heart-Led Leader, Tommy learned that 90 percent of leaders today are self-serving. Tommy also realized that the serving leader model has been put on the back burner by many because it has never been attached to bottom-line results. Tommy's greatest desire is to awaken leaders to the realization that becoming a heart-led leader who loves and serves is the only enduring model, and if we pay close attention, it does drive incredible bottom-line results!