Drew Bailey: 3 Steps to Intentional Leadership

Drew Bailey: 3 Steps to Intentional Leadership

Drew Bailey, Marketing Manager at FedEx and a recipient of the FedEx Five Star Award, shares with us his incredible story of God using adversity to transform his life. Drew, by all accounts, was least likely to achieve success. Being raised by his grandmother (due to his mother's drug addiction and an absent father) Drew watched his grandmother pray for him and his siblings since he was a young boy. Because of his grandmother's belief that education was crucial for Drew to have a future, she did all she could to help him go to the best public schools, and enrolled him in Boy Scouts where Drew learned the importance of "Giving Back."

In today's podcast Drew talks to us about intentional leadership and how he is able to apply certain principles in his life to grow, learn, as well as rest and refuel. In his 3-step approach, Drew lays out a simple and a doable plan to grow as a leader and as a person.

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