Bob Phillips: Living out Your Faith at Work

Bob Phillips: Living out Your Faith at Work

The Power of Accountability

Success often breeds self sufficiency. These are the words of Bob Phillips, Managing Chair of C-12 group in Memphis, TN. The C-12 organization provides Christian CEO’s and business owners with a safe place for sharing, learning and growing in order to incorporate faith into their businesses.

Before joining C-12, Bob was a successful executive who was born and raised as a cultural Christian, but never lived out his faith. While succeeding at work Bob’s marriage began to suffer. Because of his wife’s faithfulness and prayers, Bob finally realized his need for Jesus and began his faith journey. In today’s podcast Bob talks about the importance for Jesus-following CEOs and business owners to become part of a community that provides accountability, is wiling to ask tough questions, and helps its members to authentically live out faith through daily work. 

Success breeds self sufficiency.

Iron sharpens iron...Who is sharpening you? 

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