These online trainings will take you on a deeper dive into discovering the leader in you and how to model that after the greatest Leader of all times - Jesus.


Leadership Academy for Organizations

Lead Like Jesus Leadership Academy provides organizations and teams access to training videos, online courses, expert interviews and downloadable discussion guides to help inspire, equip and disciple those who view their leadership and influence as a Kingdom-building opportunity!
- 24/7 access anytime anywhere 
- For teams of any size!
- New Resources added on a regular basis 
You'll get a chance to learn from some of the best thought leaders like: Ken Blanchard, John Ortberg, Nancy Ortberg, Patrick Lencioni, Rick Warren, Phyllis Hendry Halverson, Henry Cloud and more!

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Biblical DISC® Virtual Certification

Biblical DISC® Assessment Virtual Certification

The Biblical DISC® Assessment Certification Training Course is designed to develop competence and confidence in using the Biblical DISC Assessment in training, coaching and counseling.   This Self-Paced Certification curriculum includes: 

  • The Online Biblical DISC Assessment
  • A comprehensive participant workbook
  • Self-Study Documents
  • Video-based modules on the DISC Model of Human Behavior
  • Video-based modules on the Biblical Correlation to the DISC Model
  • Two personal Biblical DISC report debriefs with one of our master trainers
  • Coaching debrief practice
  • Online and classroom resources for training, coaching, counseling
  • Once certified, Biblical DISC Practitioners receive preferred pricing on assessments

As a Certified Biblical DISC Practitioner, you’ll have a proven, reliable and practical tool to help others build Jesus-centered relationships at work, church and at home.



For High School Students

This six-session leadership development course for teens, delivered online, focuses on character and integrity, helping young men and women to become powerful and positive influencers of those around them. Available through UDEMY online platform.

  • This course is Biblically based and uses Jesus as the leader role model. 
  • Each session includes scripture references, written content, videos, downloadable charts and throught provoking quuestions. 
  • The goal of this course is to help young leders understand the difference between love based and power based leadership, and to learn and apply practical steps as they grow in their influence and purpose. 

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Igniting Influence: Empowering Young Leaders to Lead Like Jesus 

For Millennials, from High School Seniors to Young Professionals

In these 12 leadership development lessons developed for young leaders we tackle issues like purpose, confidence, self-worth, pride, fear, and building strong relationships. Participants will not only walk away with a strong understanding of the leadership principles modeled by the greatest leader of all time, Jesus, but they will also be able to apply those principles in real-life scenarios and through weekly application.

Each of the 12 lessons contains the following components:

  • 3-5 min inspirational video
  • Reading assignment followed by a Q&A
  • Biblical Foundation built on our 4H framework: Heart, Head, Hand, Habits
  • Case Studies
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Practical Application

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Heart of a Leader: 5- Session Online Experience 

Upon completion, the participant should have a better understanding of why the heart of a leader matters, how to recognize a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart, and practical ways to lead with a healthy heart committed to the Father and not to the bottom line or selfish ambition.

This 5-Part Online Experience includes:

  • Biblical DISC® Assessment ($59 retail value) I
  • Inspiration
  • Reading
  • Audio Messages
  • Discussion & Reflection
  • Video-driven PPT Lesson

Together we'll explore:

  • Critical WHY questions every leader must answer
  • Differences between a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart  
  • The impact of identity and accurate self-awareness of our leadership
  • Our behavioral tendencies, strengths and weaknesses