A Year of Amazement: More Leaders in More Countries Empowered to Lead Like Jesus in 2015

A Year of Amazement: More Leaders in More Countries Empowered to Lead Like Jesus in 2015

“Amazing,” says Phyllis Hennecy Hendry, president/CEO of Lead Like Jesus. “That’s the only word I can think to describe all that God has done over the past year through this ministry.”

And 2015 certainly gave everyone plenty of reasons to be amazed. More leaders throughout more organizations and countries were equipped and empowered to lead like Jesus, thanks in large part, to generous donor support.

Encounter: A Turning Point

Approximately 10,800 leaders throughout the United States and around the world were trained through the Encounter leadership workshop in 2015, helping them each to have greater influence in their workplaces, churches, communities and homes.

“Encounter is a turning point for those who experience it,” explains Hendry. “We see it all the time. Those who don’t already know Jesus come to an understanding of why they so desperately need His leadership in their lives. And those who do know Jesus are moved to take that relationship to a deeper level.”

One recent Encounter attendee shared, “I have been studying leadership for years, different models and different strategies. Even though I am a Christian, it never occurred to me that Jesus is THE model for leadership. I will not be the same at work or home!”

Encounter workshops are expected to increase exponentially in 2016 due to the rising number of individuals who want to help share the transformational leadership of Jesus with the world. In 2015, 259 new individuals – including 65 from the United States – became certified Leadership Development Facilitators, preparing them to lead Encounter workshops for churches, organizations and other groups within their circles of influence.  

A Spark Ignited

More than 17,000 students worldwide were trained to lead like Jesus in 2015 through Ignite, the youth version of Encounter. This is more than three times the number of students trained in 2014!

In particular, Ignite saw tremendous growth in the African nations of Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda. Rosemary Effiong of Nigeria shares:

“Pride and fear have always been great issues in my life… I was really impacted through the Ignite program, to have confidence and courage to become all God wants me to be. This program is timely and God-sent to me.  I didn’t really know who a leader is until this program, but with God’s help, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.’”

But according to Jim Montgomery, chief international officer for Lead Like Jesus, all the youth trained this year is just a drop in the bucket compared to what could be done with the right resources.

“For every one student we provide training and leadership resources to, we could be reaching two more – but we simply lack the funding,” he says.  “There is such a great need, and a desire among the people for change. We pray and trust that God will provide the necessary resources as He continues to open new doors.”

Expanding International Reach

Thanks to new and expanding international partnerships, Lead Like Jesus launched ministry in several new world areas in 2015, including in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Egypt. Among the potential outcomes of partnerships in these areas include new Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic translations.

“This is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way for us to translate our resources in the heart languages of new audiences,” explains Montgomery. “Our partners are not only eager to move forward with translation, but they also have resources available to help make it possible.”

And Lead Like Jesus’ reach goes well beyond the borders of those countries where there is “official” ministry.

“Our international facilitators are not only eager to make an impact in their own countries, but also hope to make disciples among their neighbors,” says Montgomery. “For example, our facilitators from India are offering Encounters in Nepal and Sri Lanka. In Africa, we’re seeing ministry that reaches into Sudan and Burundi.”

Likewise, several U.S. facilitators have helped spread the Lead Like Jesus message through their travel to countries like Russia, Ireland, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Combined with the ministry’s online presence, the impact of Lead Like Jesus could be felt in nearly every world area. In 2015, more than 42,000 individuals from 60 countries have subscribed to Lead Like Jesus’ devotionals, newsletters, podcasts or online courses, plus the website which currently draws approximately 5,200 unique visitors every month. An additional 40,000 individuals subscribed to Lead Like Jesus training and resources through iDisciple and YouVersion.

Maximizing Impact

Several U.S. and international ministries, businesses, schools, churches and nonprofits partnered with Lead Like Jesus to help transform their organizational cultures and maximize their impact.

Long-time partner Joni & Friends was named a “Best Christian Workplace” for the ninth consecutive year, and credits Lead Like Jesus for playing a significant role in earning that distinction.

“Lead Like Jesus is the cornerstone of our culture,” explains Doug Mazza, president and COO of Joni & Friends. “It affects everything we do.”

A Big Vision

Building on the momentum of 2015, Lead Like Jesus hopes to have even greater impact in the coming months, working toward the vision that “someday everyone everywhere will be impacted by someone who leads like Jesus.”

“It’s a big vision,” acknowledges Hendry, “but we serve a big God.”

She continues, “I stand in awe of all that God has done through this ministry over the past 12 months. I can hardly wait to see all that He has in store for us as we lead forward.”



Your faithful prayers and generous support helped to make an incredible impact in 2015! 

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