Nigeria: International Event Results in Transformation

Nigeria: International Event Results in Transformation

Nearly 2,000 pastors from 15 countries benefitted from Lead Like Jesus training during the annual International Pastors Conference held in Uyo, Nigeria on July 7-10. Participants learned how to increase their personal and organizational influence through the Encounter leadership workshop, facilitated by LLJ Chief International Officer Jim Montgomery.

“The LLJ Encounter part of the conference was well appreciated,” says Mike Okuneye, Lead Like Jesus’ national representative for Nigeria.

According to Okuneye, the conference has already resulted in new organizational partnerships that will open up doors for ministry throughout Nigeria and in surrounding countries.

“Presently I have around ten groups/ministries ready to partner with LLJ for training,” says Okuneye. “There is definitely more interest being created for Encounter and Ignite events.”

He continues, “We hope to share the vision of LLJ at the upcoming events with these organizations/ministry and to mobilize for our partnerships for reaching the next generation through Ignite.”

Beyond these organizational partnerships, Okuneye is thrilled by the reports he continues to hear about profound personal transformation.

“Many mentioned going home to influence their wives and children,” he says. “Many internal changes are happening that cannot be measured yet.”

Pastor Tony Neye of Lifeway Chapel in Sago wrote to him, “The Lead Like Jesus seminar, for me, is indeed an encounter... [It] was insightful and inspirational… Immediately on my arrival to my quarter, I applied the teachings: to love, care, lead and forgive people more irrespective as a pastor, just as Jesus would do.”

Most of the pastors who attended the International Leadership Conference are bi-vocational; several are business leaders and government officials. They represented churches from Benin Republic, Burkina-Faso, Cameroun, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Niger Republic, South-Sudan, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. 

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