Nigeria: 9,400 nationals trained to lead like Jesus

Nigeria: 9,400 nationals trained to lead like Jesus

The people of Uyo, Nigeria are becoming familiar with the leadership side of their Savior.

From youth to parents and from business leaders to ministry leaders, Nigerians in the Southeast region of this African nation are being presented with the opportunity to attend Ignite conferences and Encounters.

During one May weekend, 2,300 high school students from four public schools local to Uyo were taken through Lead Like Jesus’ resource for young leaders: Ignite.

Ufeli Awomukwu, vice principal of the Redemption Academy in Uyo, writes, “The instructions received from Ignite were spiritually sound and encouraging, giving direction to students on self-assessment in their walk with God.” 

“I used to have challenges of pride and fear which make me to feel isolated from self, people and God,” says Beatrice, a student who attended Ignite. “This training taught me to always be confident and humble so as to flow with others and with God. So, I see myself overcoming these challenges.”

By the end of June, another 4,600 young Nigerians will go through the program which guides every one of these students to determine their purpose, develop their own personal vision statement, and recognize their potential as a leader according to the model demonstrated by Jesus.

And in early July, Lead Like Jesus will be attending the 2015 International Pastor’s Conference in Uyo, training an estimated 2,500 nationals representing 17 different countries in Africa.

“We are in great need of resources and prayer to support these efforts,” says Jim Montgomery, Lead Like Jesus’ Chief International Officer. “The need is great, but the expansive reach of LLJ in Africa has the potential for remarkable results.”


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