New Resource in Development for Millennials

New Resource in Development for Millennials


Today’s young people who fall into the Millennial generation (born approximately between 1980 and 2000) are receiving an education that concentrates almost entirely on developing intellectual intelligence instead of emotional intelligence. Upon graduation, many of them find themselves ill equipped for a workforce that is primarily looking for people of character. 

“Too often, leadership training is focused on changing tactics and management techniques instead of influencing leaders’ hearts and character,” says Megan Pacheco, LLJ’s Chief Learning Officer.

To amend the trend, LLJ is creating material for Millennials that will develop meaningful qualities necessary for leadership according to the model of Jesus.

“Our goal is to infuse Millennials with something that too many people ignore,” Megan says.

Currently, 51 percent of the world’s population is aged 21 or younger.  “Since Millennials make up one of the primary age groups we really can’t afford to ignore it.”

LLJ’s new resource will focus on Jesus-inspired leadership, biblical perspectives on modern-day issues, real-life application, and self-reflection. It was beta tested by students at North Georgia State University and Olivet Nazarene University during the month of April, and the feedback has already been very positive.

“Millennials are shaping our workforce and worldviews,” she says. “This work is so important because we are helping the world’s emerging leaders learn about the most important part of the equation: character, integrity, relating with people, and purpose. This goes way beyond leadership skills; these are life skills to become a powerful influencer.”

Eventually, this new resource for millennials will include 24 lessons with accompanying videos, questions, and discussion materials. It will be a natural follow-up step for Ignite, which is designed for high school students.