New Biblical DISC Assessment pairs power of DISC with Scriptural insight

New Biblical DISC Assessment pairs power of DISC with Scriptural insight

Lead Like Jesus (LLJ) announces the launch of the online Biblical DISC Assessment, a powerful new leadership development tool for individuals, couples, churches, teams and organizations.

Developed in partnership with Author and Behavioral Expert Ken Voges, the Biblical DISC pairs insights from the widely popular DISC model of human behavior, with applicable stories from men and women in the Bible who displayed each behavioral trait.

Upon completion of the online assessment, participants will receive a detailed report filled with insights and ideas to help them understand their unique strengths and challenges as a leader. By reading through the report, working through the exercises and applying the principles learned, they can enhance their relationships and gain a unique perspective into how they were uniquely created and how God can use them to serve His kingdom.

“Used by millions of people around the world, DISC is a highly effective tool for improving interpersonal relationships, communication, teamwork and productivity,” said Rich Meiss, director of leadership development services for LLJ. “Now I’m excited to take that one step further. The Biblical DISC will help people to live, love and lead like Jesus, as they learn from the examples of ordinary men and women whom God transformed to become mature and effective followers of Him.”

The Biblical DISC can be used by individuals for personal and professional growth, or within any relationship or team. Online assessments may be purchased from or they can be administered as part of an ongoing training and consultation engagement with a certified Lead Like Jesus facilitator.

Executive coaches, HR specialists, pastors, teachers or other professional trainers are also invited to join the Lead Like Jesus movement by becoming certified practitioner of the Biblical DISC.

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