Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD Relationship has Global Implications

Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD Relationship has Global Implications

Through a blossoming relationship between the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD and Lead Like Jesus, churches surrounding the U.S. capital are being trained and equipped to increase their lasting impact.

As the network’s Team Strategist for Church Strengthening, Randy Millwood (Columbia, Maryland) serves as a leadership coach. It is his role to provide leadership development environments and training opportunities for approximately 550 autonomous Baptist churches in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

And in this role, Randy is eager to share the Lead Like Jesus message. Based on his personal experience, he believes Lead Like Jesus provides a leadership model unlike any other.

“Through Encounter, the Lord moved in my way life in such a profound way,” says Randy, recalling his first experience in the LLJ leadership workshop. “Leading like Jesus transforms you which, in turn, enables you to lead in a more impactful way.”

Randy and five other key leaders from the network sought out certification to become LLJ Leadership Development Facilitators. As such, they are able to multiply their impact by training others how to lead like Jesus.

Appetite for more

Randy admits that launching the Lead Like Jesus initiative has been a slow process.  While leaders from the region’s churches are very supportive of LLJ concepts, many of them have been hesitant to carve out time for training.

“Many of our pastors are bi-vocational, and all of our pastors are already busy,” explains Randy, “and so it’s an ongoing challenge to get them to see enough value to add anything else to their already full lives.”

Rather than getting discouraged by this reluctance, the network’s Church Strengthening team got creative.

They organized a series of smaller Lead Like Jesus introductory events throughout the region for pastors, church staff and key leaders. Leaders were invited to enjoy a complimentary luncheon, along with an abbreviated introductory session from the Encounter workshop.

They hoped the regional events would whet leaders’ appetites for more – and it worked.

Interest sparked

In their first five regional events, leaders from approximately 75 churches have participated. This fall, two more regional events are planned where another 25 churches are anticipated. That means leaders from nearly 20 percent of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network’s congregations will have experienced some level of Lead Like Jesus training in a matter of months.

As a follow-up to the luncheons, the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network/BCMD is helping organize full leadership Encounters throughout the region for pastors, staff, and key leaders. The response has been outstanding – and has already sparked interest for additional local church Encounters.

“We are now getting invitations to take other church leaders into and through the same journey,” says Randy. “We already have two host churches with over 100 participants!”

The most profound impact

Ultimately, Randy’s desire is that the impact of Lead Like Jesus will extend beyond the walls of the local churches.

“The most profound impact,” he says, “will be an army of men, women and young people – followers of Christ – living on the mission field all week long, whether that’s in classrooms, in the grocery store, at the gym, or in the Halls of Congress.”

And he believes the churches of the Mid-Atlantic region are perfectly positioned to launch a global movement.

“We live in a most unique part of the world – in the shadow of the nation’s capital. And, because of that, the people (who are the churches) rub shoulders with people who impact the whole world.

“If the people of our churches all started leading like Jesus – not using some formula, but literally living and leading in a transformed way – it could change the whole world!”

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