Lead Like Jesus a “perfect fit” for American Heritage Girls

Lead Like Jesus a “perfect fit” for American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls

Inspired by eternity and focused on character development, the American Heritage Girls scouting organization (AHG) fosters integrity, hearts for service, and faithfulness to God.

Ever seeking to increase their effectiveness, AHG leadership asked Lead Like Jesus Strategic Partnership Consultant Julie Georggin to lead their staff in a leadership retreat at the end of March. Julie also helped facilitate the strategic action planning meeting, a time set aside for the Christian organization to determine action steps to accomplish goals set for the upcoming three years.

“They do a great job of changing and adapting to needs,” says Julie, “which is why this year they are celebrating 20 years. They really have a heart for Jesus; you can see it in everything they do.”

“When you boil it all down, we are here to build the Kingdom of God,” says AHG National Executive Director Patti Garibay. “Arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand, we try to realize what the Lord had in mind when He sent His Son to earth and then left the Holy Spirit.”

For two decades now, the leadership of AHG has considered what it means to lead like Jesus did. And discovering Lead Like Jesus was, according to Patti, “a perfect fit” with their vision and goals.

“Leadership is not a manmade thing; it’s a God-ordained idea,” she says. “We are on a culture-changing journey, and we know that what Scripture says about leadership will sustain us. LLJ presents it in a way that so clearly points leadership back to Scripture and makes it relevant to what we’re doing today.”

This year’s AHG Staff Retreat took place at a campground in Indiana, a two-hour drive away from AHG’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“It was a great time for us all to do a heart-check,” says Patti, “and it helped us look into the heart of teamwork. Despite different personality styles, we share the desire to love the Lord and each other more.”

From 2015-2018, American Heritage Girls plans to incorporate Lead Like Jesus into every layer of its organization so that Jesus will be modeled at the executive level as well as at the troop level. “We desire a common vision of wanting to be more like Christ in our leadership,” says Patti. “We want this ideal to trickle down to our girls so that they learn the same things as their leaders.”

Patti thinks that fostering a culture of Christ-like leadership will help every American Heritage Girl learn how to handle conflict, be confident in their identity, and embrace the potential to influence.

“As we influence, we can share true joy with others. And true joy is knowing who we are in Christ,” she says.