Indonesia: GBI connection opens new doors for exponential reach

Indonesia: GBI connection opens new doors for exponential reach

One of the most influential Christian leaders in Indonesia is helping open new doors for reaching the island nation with the life-transforming leadership of Jesus.

Pak Suhandoko Wirhaspati, pastor and chairman of Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI), sees the benefits of structuring his organization around the concept of Jesus-demonstrated leadership.

GBI is one of the largest Christian denominations in the Southeast Asian archipelago and is known for its rapid expansion from island to island and its outreach ministries. There are over 3,500 GBI churches in Indonesia representing over 700,000 members and over 600 ethnic groups.

Pak Suhandoko is also a member on the board of supervisors of the foundation Bahana Logos Indonesia, Lead Like Jesus’ national affiliate partnership in Indonesia.

“Pak Suhandoko is hoping and praying that every Christian leader in Indonesia will lead like Jesus,” says Jim Montgomery, LLJ’s Chief International Officer. “He believes the country of Indonesia can be transformed as the Church and every believer is trained and embraces the concept of leading like Jesus.”

In a nation where Muslims outnumber Christians, the introduction of Lead Like Jesus to successful businesses, ministries, and churches will have a lasting impact as leaders learn that the influence of Jesus affects every area of life.

On June 10 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Jim will be honored as a guest speaker to present Lead Like Jesus to over 1000 pastors under the umbrella of GBI. Please pray for this opportunity and the people of this wonderful nation.


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