BCWI features Lead Like Jesus as “turning-point solution”

BCWI features Lead Like Jesus as “turning-point solution”

Best Christian Workplace Institute (BCWI) recently showcased Lead Like Jesus (LLJ) on their blog and podcast that are geared toward providing “turning-point solutions for leaders in the Christian workplace.”

In both the blog article (4 Strategies to Help You Lead Like Jesus) and the podcast (How to Lead Like Jesus), BCWI President and Co-Founder Al Lopus interviewed Lead Like Jesus President/CEO Phyllis Hennecy Hendry about key organizational strengths his team uncovered in the BCWI Employee Engagement Survey, as part of the process toward certifying LLJ as a 2016 “Best Christian Workplace.”

“The BCWI survey revealed three key strengths at work inside Lead Like Jesus, namely fantastic teams demonstrating healthy communication and exemplifying inspirational leadership,” said Lopus. “LLJ’s atmosphere of trust and transparency has cultivated openness and common language, which encourages and frees colleagues to ask each other, ‘How’s your heart today?’”

Both the blog article and podcast offer practical examples for how Hendry has intentionally cultivated these strengths among her team.

Hendry’s ultimate hope is that Lead Like Jesus will become the go-to partners for other organizations who seek to lead more like Jesus. She has praised the BWCI Employee Engagement Survey as strategic first step in that process, comparing it to a “full-body scan” for those who want to better understand their organizational strengths and weaknesses. 

“Our desire is to help other organizations achieve their unique calling and maximize their influence,” said Hendry. “We do this by providing leadership consultation, resources and training to flourishing and struggling organizations alike. As leaders of these organizations learn to lead more like Jesus, they experience a transformed culture and achieve greater results.”

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