Visions of Jesus

It was about noon as eager men and women gathered together in the local African church. These soon to be Church Planters were in the middle of a training module when the door creaked open spilling light into the crowded room. Two young men waited outside as Sister Joy, one of the trainees, went to find out their need. After whispers were exchanged, she led them to another room in the church where they shared with her their life-changing encounters with Jesus.

One of the young men, just twenty-two years old, had three separate dreams where Jesus had appeared to him. “I was haunted for several days, but I didn’t know who to talk to because my community is all Muslim,” he shared.

The other boy, nineteen years old, also had a dream where Jesus appeared and laid His hand on him. Since then, the boy had locked himself in his room to watch Christian programs on television. It wasn’t long before his brothers and parents found out

“They removed my television, but I have a big android phone so I can keep watching Christian programs on YouTube,” he said. He had to know more about this Jesus.

One day, the two boys met on a road while trekking home. One opened up and shared about the visions of Jesus he’d been trying to understand. They spent the next few days talking more and more about Jesus and then decided to travel to a nearby town where they’d heard someone had been teaching about Jesus.    

Sister Joy shared all she knew with the young men including how they could have a relationship with Jesus. When the Pastor heard the exciting news, he gave them some food and transportation money and asked them to return the next day, since it was the last day of training. The boys returned for training and stayed with the Pastor overnight for protection. They have requested to be taken to another state so they can’t be located.  

Would you join us in praying for these two young men and their new journey with Jesus? Pray for their safety and the safety of others who are seeking Jesus in hostile places. Pray for more people to have visions of Jesus and seek His truth.

Because of the generosity of friends like you, two men seeking Jesus found a place of refuge. Prayerfully consider giving today so more people can know Jesus as Lord and Leader!