Seeing Community Change: Church Planting in Ghana

Paul Yomterah began planting a church in the town of Tanshigu after the local chief gifted Paul the land. In a matter of months, two churches were planted where none had been before. Paul is already seeing incredible results from his ministry by God’s grace.

In his community, children are not valued unlike the elderly who are held in highest regard. Those that are older are revered to the point that they can determine whether or not children are allowed to eat in their own home. Now that Paul is teaching about the love and leadership of Jesus, his community is changing. Paul says, “This is what the leadership culture was like before Lead Like Jesus Church Planter training. Day by day, this culture is changing by God's grace.”

Paul is seeing his community change by God’s grace because he’s determined to lead like Jesus. Will you partner with us to see more communities change? The cost to train a church planter to lead like Jesus is $2,000. Your investment of just $112 a month for 18 months can make the difference!