Prospering in Persecution: Nigeria

Victor now serves as a church planter working to establish a church in a Muslim village and has sacrificially answered God’s call on his life. Other than the obvious challenges of working in a hostile community, Victor has no cell phone and communication is difficult. The lengthy travel time from his home to his ministry in the village take away from his work as a farmer. He also sells gas to help supplement his family’s income.  

His family's demands have also been challenging.  At first, Victor’s family did not understand his commitment to Jesus. With Victor traveling to the village at least three times a week, his mother and brother were especially concerned Victor’s absence would leave them with a poor harvest.   

The agony of their father being killed by Boko Haram left fear and anger in their hearts.  Out of this pain, his older brother beat him with a stick that left him unable to leave his home for three days.

Despite the enormous challenges, he remains resolute in his call. Victor’s confidence and faith in God triumphed in that his family now accepts his calling. Victor continues preaching the truth and has already seen God move among those in the Muslim village.

“When I started the program in this area, a Muslim man said he wanted to turn from his old life and habits to have new life. He is now a Christian!”

Victor now courageously teaches the truth of Jesus. He believes this truth will change lives in the Muslim village. He is determined to make an eternal difference on the community.

Church planters are sacrificially serving to spread the gospel in unchurched areas.  Will you partner with us to help church planters like Victor establish more Lead Like Jesus churches and help transform communities through God’s power and grace?