Overcoming the Obstacles: South Africa

One of the facilitators, Krystle Luchmon, was a little nervous. “We were told that the young boys cannot focus for long periods of time,” she says. “I was even more nervous thinking that the young boys did not fully understand due to the language barrier.”

Rather than worry, Krystle and her team prayed and asked God to take over. And He did.

“God is so amazing, these boys were fully engaged and interactive, all of them wanted to share in the conversations, everyone picked up their hands to answer questions, they even asked questions when they didn’t understand,” she says.

The head of the center, Anne Slater, has seen a change. She indicated that these young boys were so impacted by the course, even after one session, that a group of them who did not want to go back to school decided that they will go back because now they can see themselves as leaders.

The impact of Ignite is transformational. It’s just one example of how leading like Jesus not only changes someone’s thinking, but also changes the community.

Krystle says, “Taking them off the street, and after doing the first session of Ignite, they realize that they themselves can become a positive influence to others and maybe help others as well.”