A New Perspective: Ukraine

Lead Like Jesus’ message of Jesus’ transforming power is a seed of hope towards a brighter future for Ukraine and people around the world. This is the beginning of change. Read how these lives have been transformed:

“Our team has shared many struggles they have as leaders. Lead Like Jesus training was a wonderful spiritual refill that our team needed. It was a great encouragement to hear how we can bring Jesus to our marketplace no matter where we are.” -Lena Vasylevski, Ministry Leader

“The Lead Like Jesus Encounter influenced me more than I ever expected. If the principles of leading like Jesus can be taught to children, youth – all people – and be practiced in their daily life and work, Ukraine can be changed.” – Maryna Puhova, Marketing Communications Director

“The most wonderful part [of Lead Like Jesus training] was talking about the unconditional love of Jesus. I began to realize His love for me…It changed my understanding of leadership and our natural tendencies of pride and fear. In our churches, we have a problem with leadership that causes a problem with discipleship. Lead Like Jesus training can help resolve this problem.” – Matthew Zyryanov, Teacher

“I’ve always struggled with leadership issues like having power and control over people and trying to compensate for not feeling the love of God. Lead Like Jesus shows you how your personal relationship with Jesus impacts all other relationships…it brings you to the place where you meet God.” – Oleg Kytsko, Ministry Team Member

“…The longer you’re a leader, the harder it is to keep your heart in the right place before God. During the Lead Like Jesus training, every verse that was spoken seemed to be individually picked just for me. It had a profound impact on my heart and where I am with God.” – Oleg Vasylevski, Local Leader of 24 Years


These testimonies are just the beginning! Will you join the movement to impact one life?