Lusy - A Lesson in Forgiveness

My name is Lusy. I am from East Java, Indonesia, but I live in North Sumatera. I am a housewife with 2 children. I was Muslim. I became a Christian because of marriage. My husband is a Christian. My husband is from Sumatera and I have been married for 22 years. My husband is extremely angry. He likes speaking rude, bullying me, beating me, committing adultery and being drunk. I even spent time at the hospital because my husband hurt me. Because of his temper I never knew who Jesus is. Even though I always went to church with him, I never felt love.

My husband left me at the end of 2018 for another woman. I thank God because I have family in Christ. They helped me. I attended the Lead Like Jesus Encounter because they supported me. The Two-Day Encounter changed my life. Through this I knew who Jesus is. I felt unconditional love in this workshop. I felt God close to me and He hugged me. He always gives me love and shows me His love. I went to the bathroom many times while I was attending the Encounter. It’s because I could not hold my tears every time the Lord touched my heart. I really felt His presence. I didn’t want other participants seeing my tears. I realized that I have precious love.

Having finished the Encounter I realized that I must practice Lead Like Jesus lessons. I wanted to start with forgiveness. That night I let 2 names get out of my penalty box. They’re my husband and one of the church members. That night I thought a lot. I was amazed because I just knew it was right and I felt unconditional love. The Lord moved my heart to give a testimony at church service the next morning.

The next day was Sunday. I could not wait to be at church as soon as possible. Having arrived at church I went to my pastor’s wife. I told her that I want to give a testimony. She was surprised because I have never testified before. But she gave me time to testify at that church service. This is my first testimony ever. I testified about my experience at the Encounter. Suddenly, I saw the man that I need[ed] to let out of my penalty box. I came to his chair then shook his hand. I asked pardon and I said that I have forgiven him. He was surprised because the case had already happened several years ago. He never thought that I kept that case in my heart. He smiled at me and shook my hand. I never thought that day would be my reconciliation with him. I was relieved. I wasn’t shy to do that in front of all the church members. I felt joy and got free. This is the greatest blessing that I ever had in my life. Thank you, Lord! Thank you Lead Like Jesus! I continue to pray for my husband. May God bless him and bring him back to the Lord. God bless!

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