Leading with Confidence

Ratna lives in Indonesia, which has the greatest concentration of Muslims in the world. Her parents came from Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds, but they embraced Jesus as their Savior before Ratna was born. Ratna trusted Jesus early in her life and found a mentor who took her under her wing and taught her about her new identity in Christ.

The past 10 years have been a season filled with challenges and growth for Ratna. She began working for a Christian ministry in Indonesia, and she eventually rose to the position of chief operating officer. Those early days as COO presented some serious challenges for her. She often awoke at night in fear, questioning her ability to lead with confidence.

Then her life was changed when she experienced a Lead Like Jesus Encounter. She recounts,

“I didn’t have confidence leading my team. I was afraid and tried to read leadership books, but they didn’t help me.

 “I experienced my Lead Like Jesus Encounter in March of 2010. It was my first time to learn that Jesus gave us a leadership model. My thoughts on leadership were completely changed! I now have confidence to lead my team. We solve problems together. And our ministry is increasing!”

Thanks to your prayers and gifts, friends like Ratna around the world are discovering what it means to lead like Jesus. Thanks for showing them the way to Him!