“Help a Child in India” Benefits from Leadership Encounter

“This is not a usual training/seminar,” writes Dheenadayalan, a leader for Help a Child of India, and participant of a recent Lead Like Jesus Encounter workshop. “This is something that has personally touched me, and that I’m going to be able to apply in life’s day-to-day moments.”

On July 28-29, there were 27 top national leaders from the Help a Child organization who gathered for a time of leadership development, team building and spiritual renewal during the Lead Like Jesus Encounter workshop in Chennai.

Help a Child of India has had a presence in India for more than 40 years and strives to create opportunities for vulnerable children and their families – regardless of their caste, religion or gender – to live a life of dignity in a safe environment, free from poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Throughout India and around the world, Lead Like Jesus provides ongoing leadership development training and support for organizations like Help a Child in order to help them achieve their mission more effectively.

According to L.R. Joshi, CEO of Help a Child in India, the Encounter was a powerful experience for the entire leadership team. He says that it helped them to develop a higher level of passion in their work, while helping them to learn the servant attitude of Jesus. The Heart section was a particularly meaningful time of confession and learning, as participants uncovered how pride and fear were inhibiting their impact in the lives of those they lead. The Head section was highly interactive, providing a springboard into healthy discussion about the organization’s vision.

Sweety Eunice, one of the participants, says. “This workshop has changed my whole perspective on leadership. [It was] an eye-opener in terms of the leadership style of Jesus.”

Irene writes, “This workshop is amazing, more than what I’ve expected! This has impacted my life and made me to commit myself to becoming a ‘Servant Leader.’”

Going forward, the Help a Child team has committed to ongoing discussions of what they have experienced through the Encounter, and to implementing Jesus-like leadership into their daily lives.

“The Lead Like Jesus Encounter was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life,” writes Billy. “I was touched by God, realized His love for me. I thank God for the wonderful opportunity. I wish and pray that this Encounter could be given to every believer!”