A Heart for Muslims: Elizabeth, Indonesia

Growing up in a nominal Christian home, Elizabeth (Jakarta, Indonesia) says, “I never knew Jesus very well.”  But at 39 years old, she is now using her influence as a leader to help Muslims discover the life-giving transformation of knowing Jesus personally.

Elizabeth was born in Papua to Ambonese parents. Influenced by them, she claimed Christianity as her religion but had little understanding of what kind of an impact Jesus could truly make in her life.

She spent her young adulthood bartending in Bali and living quite recklessly – to the point of deteriorating health and ultimately losing one of her kidneys. Seeking change, Elizabeth moved to Jakarta.

“That’s when the Lord changed my life,” she recalls.

“While living at boarding house in West Jakarta, I had no peace,” she explains. “I decided to read the Bible. I wanted to hear God’s voice from His words. I wanted to know that He is real.”

At first, Elizabeth says, “nothing happened.”  But she continued to pray that God would reveal Himself to her.

Then, she says, He spoke to her in a dream. “He called my name three times, and I started to see His light. I knew He is real. Since that day my life has been committed to the Lord!”

When her aunt and uncle converted to Islam, Elizabeth knew what her mission would be.

“I know they are walking in the wrong way,” she says. “I wanted to know why they changed their faith, and my passion now is to help non-Christians come to know Jesus and find hope in Christ.” Her ministry specifically works with new believers who come from Muslim backgrounds.

In the beginning, Elizabeth struggled as a Christian leader.

“I had no idea how to help them grow because I don’t know Islam very well,” she says.

A Lead Like Jesus Encounter, however, gave her the tools — and the enlightened perspective — she needed.

“Now I serve better than before,” she says. “I ask the Lord to change my behavior, and I see people differently now.”

Elizabeth’s dream is for Lead Like Jesus to transform all of the leaders in Indonesia, so that the country might then be changed.

 “As a leader we should serve — not be served. We should help our people so that they can help others. We should serve based on God’s unconditional love.”

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