Healing a Community: Church Planter Interview

One leader is all it takes. One leader makes the difference in a family, in a community. Monica Mwakavi is a church planter trained to lead like Jesus and she’s making a difference. Hear from Monica’s heart as she shares her experience thus far in an interview six months after her ministry began.

Monica, how long you have been in ministry and where you are serving?

I have been saved for six years. I accepted the call of God to serve about four years ago. I have planted a church at Baliki village since I started training with Lead Like Jesus.

What was your life like and how did you lead prior to Lead Like Jesus ministry?

I knew very little about leadership before I attended Lead Like Jesus training. I lacked confidence and authority in my leadership.

How has Lead Like Jesus impacted the way that you lead in your personal life and ministry?

I recognized that I should treat people with respect, love and humility, not as resources for my personal gains. I should regard myself as a servant ready to serve, not as master to be served.

How are you seeing the Lead Like Jesus training transforming people with whom you are ministering?

One of the real transformation I have seen in the people is the willingness to serve, not because I am telling them but because the word of God is telling them. They are giving out of their love for God and His work.

What would you tell someone who is unsure about the impact Lead Like Jesus can have in their church planting/village/country?

That person is missing a lot and he should come and see what God is doing through the ones who are training.

Can you give specific examples of ways that you are trusting God to use you in transforming lives?

In a community of 400 people, I am trusting God to give me two hundred people who will come to church to worship God.

How can those who will hear your testimony pray for you and your ministry?

Pray that God will use us to bring the community to know Christ. Pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom so the church will grow.

Please share a significant highlight or powerful story of change in your community.

The village where I have planted our church is surrounded by hills that demons are said to live in. History has it that demons would cry in the night from the hills shouting “mwanavya” meaning the ‘child is burning’. People lived in fear of the evil spirits from the hills.

Whenever there was a cry, a house would burn and a child would die as a sacrifice to the demons. After my team and I began our church, we suggested the name be changed from mwanavya to Baraki meaning ‘blessings’. The community agreed and the name was given and prayed for. The place is now quiet and peaceful.

One leader is making a difference. Monica’s decision to lead like Jesus is impacting the thinking and behavior of her entire community. Church Planter Training is a unique opportunity with unprecedented impact in the rural communities of Africa. Your investment makes the difference in lives around the world! Would you consider giving today so others can hear the life-changing message of salvation in Jesus?