Experiencing a Greater Transformation: Philippines

“I was trained how to dance, play the tambourine and sing and became a praise & worship leader. I also taught children in Sunday school and VBS. I was an active youth in our church back then. But despite those good credentials I have when I was in my high school days, storms and temptations came along my way and changed my life…”

Lizette was searching for something more and God was ready to answer. She attended the Encounter expecting good teaching from pastors, but experienced a transformation greater than she could have imagined.

"I was amazed and reall touched by the Holy Spirit for revealing to me how Jesus led His disciples despite the trials, betrayal and denial that took place.”

For the first time, Lizette realized how transformational the teachings of Jesus could be in leadership. "The excitement started to tremble in my heart when the speaker taught us how Jesus responded to His Disciples. In the circumstances and the manner Jesus used, He showed them how to be an example of a good and effective leader," she says.

Not only is Lizette’s perspective changed, but she’s now taking the Lead Like Jesus message to her spheres of influence. As a student leader in a non-religious organization, she has shared her Encounter experience and has helped her fellow leaders resolve issues and respond to adversity as Jesus would.

We know Jesus was the perfect teacher, but he’s also the perfect leader. Our world needs this life-changing message. The harvest is ripe for laborers who will join the movement in ultimately discipling nations.  

It's not training; it's transformation. Lizette is a perfect example of the impact one changed life can make. She reminds us that we’re called to take this life-changing message everywhere we go saying, “It will be my great joy that everyone will learn how to lead like Jesus.”