Church Planter Training: Multiplying Champions for Jesus

A new group of 105 Church Planters across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Niger have been selected through a careful process by their mother church to begin Lead Like Jesus training.

“Before Lead Like Jesus I thought leadership was all about taking charge of my position and raising my shoulders above my followers. Now I am humbled. Before I can lead someone, I must first lead myself.” – Dominic, Church Planter Trainee, Ghana

“We are seeing Muslims come to Christ and people giving away their land for churches to be built. These mentored champions are impacting the entire community in which they reside, affecting local governments and schools. The potential is tremendous!” – Jim Montgomery, Chief International Officer

Would you pray for these men and women as they begin this life-changing journey? Would you also consider supporting their journey by investing in church planter training?

For just $112 per month, these trainees begin to receive the necessary training materials and family support to learn to lead like Jesus. Your gifts make it possible!

I want to help!